The best sheetrock saws for cutting through thick drywall

Home renovations and repairmen need a Sheetrock saws to carve out small pockets for outlets and electrical wires, for starters. Also known as a Sheetrock jab saw, this serrated knife is designed for adjusting drywall sheets to the desired shape or length. We’ve researched the leading saws here to help you decide on the best model for your renovation business.

Sheetrock saws, often referred to as a sheetrock keyhole saw, feature a pointed tip, serrated blade, and grippy handle. The sharp nose allows you to pinpoint the start of your cut without making a costly mistake. Though these tools are powerful enough to cut through Sheetrock, you’ll need an electric Sheetrock saw to create large open panels for windows and doors. For general purposes, check out our picks.

Goldblatt Jab Saw

Best Budget

Goldblatt’s Sheetrock saw is a 6-inch, 8-tooth per inch bi-metal blade model that gets the job done in half the time compared to a conventional jab saw. The unique inverted tooth design increases pull force during use in either direction. The ergonomic, anti-slip handle decreases hand fatigue for comfortable all-day use. Other than drywall, this blade is compatible with plywood, PVC, cement boards, and wallboards.

Klein Tools Drywall Saw

Best Overall

The Klein Tools saw is a foldable utility saw boasting a carbon steel blade, ground teeth, and a lockback design. This all-around best tool allows use at a 125-degree or 180-degree angle, whichever your task calls for. A comfortable grip handle fits snugly in the palm of your hand.

Shark 10-2206 Rockeater Drywall Saw

Sturdiest Design

Shark’s 6-inch keyhole saw features the sturdiest design, lending you maximum control over every cut. This professional-grade model is suitable for renovation or remodeling work, thanks to diamond ground teeth, a carbon steel blade, and a razor-sharp tip for plunge cuts. Note that this brand offers a one-year warranty.

A Sheetrock saw is a non-negotiable essential for anybody working in the renovations or remodeling industry. Necessary for carving out openings and panels on tough drywall sheets, this serrated knife is distinctly special among its peers. With high quality metal blades, unique tooth design, and user-friendly handles, a Sheetrock saw is invaluable for drywall work.