The best snap ring pliers for installing specialized fasteners

If you try to install or remove a snap ring with the wrong tool, the fastener could become permanently damaged. Since internal and external snap rings are used in a wide variety of sizes, a very precise tool is required for installation and removal. Enter the snap ring pliers, and likewise enter one of these leading and functional models.

Snap ring pliers typically are made of carbon steel and heat treated to boost durability. Also referred to as retaining ring pliers and circlip pliers, they tend to feature comfortable, air-cushioned grips so hands don’t get fatigued during use. If you deal with snap rings quite a bit, get one of these handy and reliable snap ring pliers.

Channellock Snap Ring Pliers

Best Overall

The most popular snap ring pliers among buyers is the Channellock Snap Ring Pliers. The 8-Inch precision circlip and retaining ring pliers come with five pairs of interchangeable, color-coded tips. The tool can be changed from addressing internal or external rings with a switch of the pliers’ tab. Channellock’s BLUE comfort grips are among the tool’s highlights.

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Convertible Snap Pliers

Best Grip Handle

If the handle is an important snap ring pliers component during your product search, stop on the IRWIN VISE-GRIP Convertible Snap Pliers. They feature the company’s ProTouch grips to provide extra comfort and lessen hand fatigue. Since the tool can be used on internal and external rings, it eliminates the need for two sets of pliers. The pliers include four interchangeable tips to more easily move from one project to the next.

WORKPRO Snap Pliers Set

Best Set

If you’re intrigued by a snap ring pliers set, the WORKPRO Snap Pliers Set should interest you. The four-piece set includes external and internal straight-jaw snap ring pliers, external and internal bent-jaw snap ring pliers, and a compact storage pouch. All the tools are made from hardened steel and sport an electrophoretic-coated black finish to increase durability and tool life.

Snap rings are specialized fasteners, so you need a specialized tool to install and remove them. The short list includes these top-of-the-line and helpful snap ring pliers.