The best tool buckets for durable storage solutions

Tool buckets are heavy-duty bags that keep tools and materials more accessible than a standard toolbox. Built with convenient carry handles and tough fabric, a tool bucket is an appropriate go-bag for traveling repairmen. We’ve written up a list of the best brands here to help you decide.

Like tool organizers or caddies, tool buckets feature internal and external pockets for a variety of tools. The internal pockets are typically more suited for larger handled tools like hammers and mallets while the external pockets are reserved for wrenches, screwdrivers, and similar-sized tools. Common materials include polyester and canvas, though a combination of durable fabrics is the most popular choice. Let’s take a look at our picks to see which might be appropriate for you.

Klein Tools Oval Lineman Tool Bucket

Best Design

Klein Tools’ bucket is a black, 29-pocket bag with a rugged denier polyester body, poly web handles, and a molded polypropylene bottom complete with drain holes to prevent moisture build-up. The 10-inch height accommodates long-handled tools in the internal pocket, eliminating the dreaded problem of handles sticking out the bag when not in use.

Klein Tools 5109 Straight-Wall Bucket

Best Heavy-Duty

The Klein Tools bucket is a No. 6 canvas organizer with web handles and a polyethylene top right to keep the bag upright. This ring also resists chemical damage beyond adding structure to the bag. Thanks to the molded polypropylene bottom, this bag has a load cap of 75 pounds.

Bucket Boss Bucket Tool Organizer

Best Overall

The Bucket Boss organizer is a brown and green caddy with 30 external pockets and three internal loops. If you own a Bucket Boss tool belt, you’re familiar with the brand’s commitment to efficiency and quality. Through 600 denier poly ripstop material, this bag secures heavy tools and gadgets no matter where your job takes you. It fits buckets size 3- to 5 gallons.

Tool buckets are a surefire way to keep your work gear organized, especially if you travel between sites. Some important design features to look for are molded bottoms and durable fabric choices, but other alternatives like caddies are meant to drape over a bucket instead. Luckily, our comprehensive list covers all the types available so you can discover which fits your work style best.