The best transfer punches for drilling a perfectly centered hole every time

When you use transfer punches, you will get the middle of the hole exactly every time that you want to drill into a piece of metal or wood. You “transfer” the center of the hole with a tip on the punches that creates a dent that will not punch through your material. Then, you can comfortably fit your drill into the hole so it does not move around.

While most punch sets usually have 28 pieces, some products include a wider variety of sizes. You can also trace an outline on your material with the varied sizes so you know exactly where to drill to create a secure connection.

HHIP Transfer Punch Set (33-Piece)

Best Overall

The HHIP Transfer Punch Set is made of a heat-treated steel made specifically for tools so they can withstand being hit and will stay durable over long periods of time. The 33 pieces of the punch set vary front half an inch to a full inch and increase in size by 64ths. The steel is finished by a black oxide finish that creates an increased surface durability and rust resistance.

XtremepowerUS Transfer Punch Set (28-Piece)

Best Budget

This punch set is made of heat-treated alloy steel and has a beautiful black oxide finish. The set is kept well-organized and handy in a box with pre-marked holes for each size. The transfer punches have a secure working back so you can strike them without worry of them crumpling under pressure.

Neiko Transfer Punch Set

Best Accuracy

Maintain the accuracy of your jobs by using the 28-piece Neiko Transfer Punch Set. These are a great punch set when you want to have an accurate hit each time. They will not slip as you strike them, so you know that the first punch is the right punch each time. The index stand is easy to read and will keep the tools stacked and ready to pull.

Maintain the integrity of your work and take out the guessing when you get a sturdy set of transfer punches. These are great to use for when you want to get that perfect hit each time. Line your drill up and see how much easier it can be to do the job well.