The best triangle screwdrivers for efficient appliance and other electronic device repair work

If you repair small or large appliances, you know that a triangle screwdriver is necessary to grant access into specific panels. These specially shaped drivers latch onto triangle head screws, preventing damage from using other incompatible tools. We’ve listed the best triangle screwdrivers here to help you decide on the best choice for your toolbox.

A triangle screwdriver is straightforward. It features three pointed sides on a metal tip that fits perfectly into the appropriately sized triangle screw head. Most triangle screwdriver sets include various commonly used sizes found in electronics, appliances, and other devices. Choose a magnetic tip screwdriver if you work with smaller bits that may get lost otherwise. Also choose ergonomic handles that provide grip and driving power, no matter how tight the fastener is secured. Let’s check out our choices.

E·Durable Triangle Head Screwdriver Set

Best Overall

The screwdriver set from E.Durable includes six assorted size drivers in unique colors for quick identification. Each triangle screwdriver boasts a narrow shaft compatible with hard-to-reach spots, but for impossibly difficult screws, the magnetized tip is your saving grace. This set is forged from CRV 6150 steel for durability, though a handy storage pouch helps preserve its integrity.

LEIZENG Magnetic Triangle Head Screwdriver Bits

Best for Magnetic Screwdriver

The LEIZENG screwdriver comes in a set of five assorted sizes: 1.8, 2.0, 2.3, 2.7, and 3.0 millimeters. Crafted from S2 steel, this wearproof set will accompany you through years of repair work. Clearly marked sizes on the handle make for easier identification, while magnetic tips keep small screws accounted for.

Rannb Triangle-Head Magnetic Screwdrivers

Best Value

The Rannb kit is a 4-piece bundle of assorted sizes: 2.0, 2.3, 2.7, and 4.2 millimeters. Each driver is made with 45-grade steel and fitted with a comfortable red and clear plastic handle. This set is best for electricians who need magnetized tips in a variety of larger sizes.

Specialty screwdrivers with triangle end cuts grant you access to triangle head screws that are common in household appliances, handheld electronics, and even children’s toys. Professional repairmen know the advantage of high-quality tools you can rely on day after day. Luckily, all of the screwdriver sets on our list are forged from superior quality steel and topped with magnetized tips for efficient work performance.