The best tube cutters for clean cuts when installing tubing

Tube cutters feature a rotating cutting wheel, blade, or other head to separate a long piece of tubular material into two or more parts. The cutters can be manually, electrically, pneumatically, or hydraulically powered. Select a cutter depending on the material, diameter, and thickness of the tube. When it comes to getting the fastest and best cuts possible, choose one of these top-notch tube cutters.

A tube cutter or glass tubing cutter typically has one cutter wheel and two rollers that keep the tool square to a pipe. Sufficient force then creates a groove that gradually is worked deeper until the tool cuts cleanly through the pipe wall. To gain clean and fast cuts in plastic tubing, get one of these high-performing and dependable tube cutters.

RIDGID Close Quarters Tubing Cutter

Best for Tight Spaces

If you need to cut plastic tubes in tight spaces, the RIDGID Close Quarters Tubing Cutter can come in handy. It’s designed to cut hard and soft copper, aluminum, brass, and plastic tubing — including small diameter tubing — in restricted spaces. The tool’s cutting capacity ranges from ⅛ to ⅝ inches, or from 3 to 16 millimeters.

PTFE Teflon Tube Cutter

Easiest to Use

If an easy-to-use tube cutter is on your radar, lock onto the PTFE Teflon Tube Cutter. The small tool is easier to use and more convenient to carry. The cutter is designed to provide a clean and accurate cut every time and prevent uneven cutting. The tool can be used to cut different lengths on PE pipes.

IWISS PEX Pipe Cutters

Best Clean Cutter

For an extremely clean cut on plastic tubing, go for the IWISS PEX Pipe Cutters. They are engineered to make straight, clean and burr-free cuts on pipes from ⅛ to 1 inch in diameter. The tool’s spring-loaded handle is designed to open the cutter quickly and prompt faster cutting — some cuts can be performed in mere seconds.

Don’t make cutting plastic piping a chore. Make it easy and accurate every time instead with a good tube cutter. One of these top-notch and reliable cutters can make pipe cutting a whiz.