The best 5×7 envelopes for sending specific-sized letters

When you get a 5×7 envelope in the mail, you know it holds something special. Typically, 5×7 envelopes are great for sending thank you cards, invitations, and more. You will love having a sturdy and reliable envelope that will get your important documents to their destinations intact.

A 5×7 envelope size is great to have on hand and is also great for shipping out important letters or invitations. These envelopes look less official than typical white envelopes, making them more exciting to receive in the mail. These envelopes are perfect for sending out wedding invitations, thank you notes, and more.

Sensei Supplies White Invitation Envelopes

Best Overall

Featuring a peel-and-seal closure, these classic, white envelopes come in a pack of 110. They are made from high-quality paper and are perfect for invitations.

AZAZA Printable White Envelopes

Best Printable Paper

AZAZA Printable White Envelopes come in a pack of 100 and feature quick self-seal which is great for weddings, invitations, photos, and thank you notes. They are a classic and professional-looking white color. LUXPaper A7 Invitation Envelopes

Most Variety LUXPaper A7 Invitation Envelopes are great if you want to switch from the classic white envelope. These envelopes have the peel and press seal. They come in a 50 pack and have the same look and texture as a brown paper bag.

Everyone needs the basic 5×7 envelopes for important invitations, but finding the best ones can be a challenge. The type of paper and design can be important when you have specific uses and needs. Adhesive strips that allow for self-sealing is a key feature among these envelopes. Sturdiness and thickness are important to protect your privacy and ensure no wrinkles or damage. Overall, with our top picks of 5×7 envelopes, you can’t go wrong.