The best a23 12v alkaline batteries to power your electronic devices

There are many battery providers that offer A23 12v alkaline batteries. Each has different price points and capabilities, such as those that might be best suited in a key fob or dog collar device. And they tend to differ on longevity in use and reliability. For help with making the right choice, consider these top-performing A23 12v alkaline batteries.

A cylindrical cell battery, A23 12v alkaline batteries are used in small electronic devices that require higher voltage. Among them: security systems, Bluetooth headsets, keyless vehicle entry systems, and other similar radio-frequency transmitting and receiving devices. When replacement calls for such a device, get one of these dependable and long-lasting A23 12v alkaline batteries.

Energizer A23 Miniature Alkaline 12v Batteries

Best Overall

When perusing the A23 12v alkaline battery market, consider the Energizer A23 Miniature Alkaline 12v Batteries, which are a solid buy. Sold in a two-pack, the batteries are designed to deliver long-lasting, reliable power for a variety of gadgets. They are compatible with digital cameras, video game controllers, Bluetooth headsets, and glucose and blood monitors.

LiCB A23 12v Alkaline Battery

Most Reliable

If reliability is a key attribute for you, the LiCB A23 12v Alkaline Battery has that covered. Tested under strict quality control standards, the high-quality battery is engineered to ensure longer life and long-lasting power. Available in a five-pack, the battery offers a full 12-volt charge and a three-year shelf life.

Keyko A23 12v Alkaline Battery

Best Value

To gain a lot of value in your A23 12v alkaline battery purchase, turn to the Keyko A23 12v Alkaline Battery. The 10-pack has a good price, high value, and batteries promising longevity and long life. The batteries are ideal for garage door openers, ceiling fans, wireless doorbells, and various remote-control devices.

Key fobs, remote controls, garage door openers, and other devices eventually will stop working unless you’re using a long-lasting A23 12v alkaline battery. These top-notch A23s are long on power and longevity.