The best air filters to create a cleaner work or home environment

There are several different types of air filters, including disposable fiberglass, disposable pleated, and disposable or permanent electrostatic filters. Disposable fiberglass and pleated filters tend to be the least expensive, with the pleated models being generally more effective by collecting both large and small particles. To gain an effective air filter or furnace air filter, grab one of these models.

When replacing an air filter or furnace air filter, the things to keep in mind are the right size to match the furnace or purifier, the minimum efficiency reporting value, and how often the filter needs to be changed. Before you select one, consider one of these top-notch and well-performing air filters and furnace air filters.

FilterBuy HVAC AC Furnace Air Filter — MERV 8

Best Overall

There are many furnace air filters to consider, so what’s a good overall choice? Perhaps the FilterBuy HVAC AC Furnace Air Filter — MERV 8. Sold in a four-pack, the pleated filters can trap 90 percent of airborne particles — including dust, debris, lint, pollen, and pet dander — to greatly improve indoor air quality. Designed to last up to three months, the high-quality filters have beverage board frames designed to remain strong in humidity and temperatures up to 200 degrees F.

Filtrete MPR AC Furnace Air Filter

Best Residential Use

Among the top residential furnace air filters is the Filtrete MPR AC Furnace Air Filter. Sold in a six-pack, the filters are designed to outperform fiberglass, washable, non-electrostatic and pleated 1-inch air filters for a residential furnace, air conditioner, or HVAC system. They feature three-in-one technology designed to trap unwanted air particles and let cleaner air flow through.

NaturalAire Odor Eliminator with Baking Soda

Best for Bad Odors

If you desire an air filter that both eliminates air contaminants and odors at the same time, give the NaturalAire Odor Eliminator with Baking Soda a try. Available in a four-pack, the V-pleat filters are designed with baking soda media to control, absorb, and eliminate offensive odors, and have a MERV 8 rating for removing dust, pollen, dirt, and mold spores without impeding air flow.

To keep the air flow high and contaminant count low, install an effective and efficient air filter or furnace air filter. These models do both and more.