The best ballasts for your light fixtures

Some ballasts have a separate circuit that provides a low voltage to heat lamp electrodes during the light-starting phase and during its operation. The biggest consideration with a ballast is that its output characteristics must match the electrical requirements of the lamp it’s used in. Perhaps one of these top-notch and highly reliable ballasts can meet your stringent lighting requirements.

When certain lights start up, the ballast must briefly supply high enough voltage to establish an arc between the lamp’s two electrodes. The ballast then needs to quickly reduce the voltage and regulate the electric current so a steady light is produced. Since a ballast is such a vital component of many lights, consider getting one of these dependable and easy-to-install models.

Robertson Worldwide eBallast

Easy to Install

An intriguing ballast not only makes consistent lighting easy but is also easy to install. That describes the Robertson Worldwide eBallast. It has a low-profile housing, is lightweight and thermally-protected, and features internal surge protection. Due to its parallel lamp operation feature, maintenance is easier to manage since if one lamp fails, others will stay on. The leading easy-to-install ballast meets or exceeds the necessary sound rating, consumer limits, and transient protection. It’s considered an electronic linear T8 lamp instant-start ballast.

Universal Lighting Technologies Electronic Ballast

Best for T12 Lamps

Seeking a high-performing ballast for your T12 lamps? Then the Universal Lighting Technologies Electronic Ballast might end that search. The black electronic ballast is tailored for a fluorescent, two-lamp T12 light rated at 120 volts. The rapid-start ballast is ideal for use in linear El applications and is designed to help enhance a lamp’s life. It has a ballast factor of 0.9% for standard lamps and 0.86%for energy-saving lamps.

Robertson Worldwide Fluorescent eBallast

Best for Fluorescent Lighting

Having trouble with your fluorescent lights? Then consider getting the Robertson Worldwide Fluorescent eBallast. The fluorescent eBallast for two linear lamps is designed to preheat well and start rapidly. It’s rated at 120 volts and is aluminum in color. The ballast measures 6 inches by 1.9 inches by 1.1 inches. The ballast doesn’t require any starters and is engineered to work well with 40-watt bulbs. It’s designed to be easy to install and control sound.

Be sure to grab a good ballast to ensure your fluorescent and other light fixtures start fast and remain lit consistently. These ballast models can help control your lights for a long time.