The best duster spray for hard-to-reach spaces with added force

After years of use, a personal computer can collect a surprisingly heavy amount of dust inside of it. This can interfere with heat management systems. One of the main reasons why computers fail is overheating. A computer running hot can affect the internal physical components and risk costly data loss. Prevent this problem by cleaning your equipment regularly with one of our suggested duster sprays.

Duster spray can be used in a variety of ways, from cleaning your blinds and lampshades to dusting car dashboards and vents. Duster spray can also be used for cleaning electric razors and keeping delicate keepsakes and decorations free of dust. We researched to find the absolute best duster spray available.

Falcon Dust-Off Electronics Duster

Best for Computers

If you are looking for the best way to clean your computer, the Falcon Dust-Off Electronics Duster has you covered. This multipack is all you need to blow every bit of dust out of your system. It's ideal for keyboards, CPUs, and computer workstations thanks to its controlled, powerful airflow.

Office Depot Cleaning Duster

Most Versatile

The Office Depot Cleaning Duster is a great option for the majority of cases. This duster spray can be used to clean a diverse selection of appliances and computer equipment, and it has countless other applications, too. The included extension tube is perfect for reaching hard to access areas, and the added bitterant actively prevents inhalant abuse.

Endust Dusting and Cleaning Spray

Best Scent

Enjoy the sweet citrus smell left behind by the Endust Dusting and Cleaning Spray, a powerful solution designed to act as a magnet and trap dust, dirt, and allergens. It's easy to wipe it clean from countertops, panels, cabinets, and anywhere dust collects. Infused with lemon zest, this useful cleaning spray leaves a natural shine.

Stop dust and debris accumulation in its tracks with this carefully selected list of the best duster spray available. Clean your computer regularly to prevent any issues, and use one of our suggested options to keep your system running at maximum speed. Remember that these cleaning aids are super versatile, and it’s always useful to have a few stocked up at home.