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The best electrical outlet extenders for multiple devices

Keep all your computers and other devices charged and safe from surges. Choose from our list of the best electrical outlet extenders. They have been carefully tested and vetted to bring you the right product.

Extenders have become a necessity, especially with the recent surge in technology. Make sure that your electrical outlet extender is long enough that all your devices can have access to charge from where they are. Nowadays, a good electric outlet extender features USB ports as well.

GE Outlet Surge Protector

Best Overall

The quality GE outlet surge protector can expand your power with its long cord. It is integrated with a circuit breaker to ensure the utmost protection. You can even seal off the circuit with the twist-to-close safety button. All in all, it is a surge protector that you can trust.

AmazonBasics Surge Protector Power Strip

Best Outlet Variety

Designed to offer high-quality service, this AmazonBasics product comes at a very affordable price. It has six three-pronged outlets backed by a powerful 14 American wire gauge cord. You can charge anything with this extending outdoor electrical outlet, from small appliances to lamps and laptops.

Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector

Best Capacity

Belkin offers one of the highest capacities in the market standard. The electric outlet extender is backed by phone protection. Twelve outlets in this tool offer power to your electronics. Belkin’s promise is backed by an enticing warranty.

Electrical power outlet box extenders have been of great service to anyone who needs multiple power outlets at the same time. We have gathered some of the best extenders in the market in an attempt to help you make an informed purchase decision.