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The best glass chair mats for easy rolling

There are many benefits to having a glass chair mat over a plastic one. Tempered glass chair mats are resistant to breaking and shattering and have an overall cleaner look. They will withstand scuff marks and stay looking good without accumulating dirt and grime that can stain a plastic mat.

You usually want to get a glass chair mat if you have a hardwood floor that you do not want to scuff up. There are plenty of glass chair mats for hardwood floors that you can place in your home for an immediate workspace upgrade. That does not mean that you cannot use them for your carpets. You can easily find glass chair mat for carpets, too.

Dimex Clear Chair Mat

Best Design

The Dimex Clear Chair Mat is perfect for low pile carpet to help you move your chair around with ease. The clear mat will easily blend into your room and decor so you barely notice it is even there. Right when you take the mat out of the box, you will see that it is odor free so you can immediately start using it with no worries.

Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mat

Best Scratch-Proof

If you are worried about the scratches that your chair could leave on a mat, then worry no more. The Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mat is tempered to be scratch resistant and stay smooth for a long time. It supports up to 1,000 pounds of pressure so you know it will not shatter or break easily. You can place it down for any floor type for immediate use.

MuArts Hard Chair Mat

Best Alternative

A great alternative to the regular plastic mats you may see around is the MuArts Hard Chair Mat. This durable glass mat is incredibly thick and heavy so it does not slip. You do not need to use any rubber stoppers to prevent it from moving around so it stays sleek and modern. The crystal-clear glass means your floor’s pattern is uninterrupted by the mat.

These glass mats are a great choice that will elevate your office space. You do not have to worry about a dirty plastic mat leaving dents in your carpet, nor do you have to concern yourself over scuffing a hardwood floor. These glass mats will stay durable and clear so that your choice is made easy.