The best indoor extension cords to maximize your outlets

To avoid expensive electrical work and maintain your business output, we’ve put together a list of the best indoor extension cords. These inexpensive solutions add productivity to your work day without breaking the bank. Use them to expand your capacity and keep all your electric devices running smoothly.

Today’s busy workplaces can never have too many power supplies. If your outlets don’t meet your location needs, you can lengthen them to reach your ideal spots by using an indoor power extension cord. Our top picks offer a range of lengths so you can choose the one that meets your extension requirements. Let’s check out our favorites.

GE 6 Outlet Surge Protector

Best Overall

With six three-pronged outlets, the GE Surge Protector offers more power while safeguarding your appliances from any voltage spikes. Its extra-long cord delivers 20 feet of pliable extension with PVC insulation. Its protected indicator light makes this indoor extension cord with switch a reliable solution to avoid overvoltage or overheating.

AmazonBasics Indoor Extension Power Cord Strip

Best Budget

With minimal footprint, the AmazonBasics Indoor Power Cord Strips plug into standard three-pronged outlets to extend the reach of your outlets by 3 feet. Get more bang for your buck with this set of two power cords that are compatible with two-pronged connectors. These discreet extension cords make hard-to-reach outlets more accessible. They get the job done with reliability and durability.

Cable Matters 2-Pack Power Extension Cord

Best Heavy Duty

When you have hefty equipment to plug in, it’s time to bring out the big boys. The Cable Matters 2-Pack is a set of heavy-duty indoor extension cords designed for computers, printers, and other large office equipment. The two-packs each offer 10 feet of extension for three-pronged devices with 120V AC outlet receptables. The sturdy but flexible cord offers longer-distance electric connections with durability and stability.

Extension cords are a must-have electric solution for offices of all types. The items on our list offer easy installation and instant charging stations for your electronics. Whether you need heavy-duty, multiplug or basic extension cords, we’ve got you covered. With our top picks, you can expect reliability and durability to keep your business moving forward.