The best leather work gloves for heavy-duty jobs

Home-repair enthusiasts can benefit from a good pair of work gloves as much as professionals. If you find yourself doing housework and DIY projects often, leather work gloves are a versatile accessory to protect your hands and ensure your comfort.

If your job requires extra grip, hand support, and durability, you need leather work gloves. Keep these useful accessories in your toolbox to prevent unwanted work accidents and help you work efficiently. Let’s take a look at our top picks to get things done better and faster.

OZERO Flex-Grip Cowhide Leather Work Gloves

Best Rawhide

Made from carefully selected rawhide of the highest quality, the Flex-Grip Cowhide Leather Work Gloves by OZERO are so soft and comfortable that they require no lining. With a snug fit and excellent comfort, these shrink-resistant and flexible gloves provide the best abrasion resistance. The flexibility and durability of these cowhide leather gloves is perfect for a variety of manual jobs.

Ironclad Tactical Operator Pro Glove

Best Tactical

The extra-heavy-duty materials of the Tactical Operator Pro Glove by Ironclad feature reinforced components for greatest durability. This superior military, tactical, and outdoor gear protects your knuckles with the comfort and mobility of neoprene. Featuring an EXO-embossed palm, these gloves provide extra grip when you need it most. They’re ergonomically designed for a superior fit and no bulky feel.

Custom Leathercraft Workright Gloves

Best for Gardening

With the ideal flexibility for gardening, the Workright Gloves by Custom Leathercraft make outdoor tasks comfortable and easier on the hands. These shrink-resistant gloves feature synthetic leather materials that are durable, even when they become wet. The inner Lycra panels improve your dexterity and keep them from slipping off.

Leather gloves offer effective protection for your hands. Whether you’re a gardener, mechanic, or maintenance worker, a good pair of leather gloves give you the extra grip, padding, and resistance that your hands need to perform the toughest jobs. With the items on our list, your hands will stay comfortable and safeguarded while you work.