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The best miter gauges for carpentry and woodworking projects

Whether you’re doing woodworking, molding, trim work, or other carpentry applications, a miter gauge will be a powerful support tool. The right model will be built for safety and cut at multiple different angles.

A miter gauge for your table saw should perform optimally but also be easy to use. To wow your clients, you need to be able to make cuts at many different angles. Additions for adjustable, ergonomic support help support you in your carpentry and woodworking projects. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

INCRA Miter Gauge

Best Miter Gauge Overall

The INCRA Miter 1000HD is noted as high definition because of the protractor plate's exclusive Angle LOCK Indexing System. The system has 180 angle stops in 1-degree increments, with special stops located at 22.5 degrees. The miter 1,000HD has a high-resolution protractor, an adjustable miter bar, telescoping Incra LOCK cut-off fence, and a steel vernier scale that reads to 1/10 degree.

POWERTEC Table Saw Miter Gauge

Best Ergonomic Gauge

The POWERTEC Table Saw Miter Gauge will help you make accurate crosscuts at any angle for your woodworking applications. Since it’s made to accommodate ¾-inch wide by 3/8-inch slots, with or without t-slotted miter slots, it’s an ideal step up from most popular brands of table saws. It has stops at 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90 degrees. For greater project versatility, you can set it to hold positions in between those benchmarks too.

This gauge includes a washer to prevent tipping when the gauge is extended over work surface edges. The gauge is also made from heavy-duty metal with a smooth, black profile for a low-friction fit. It also has a large grip built for control and comfort, with an easy-to-adjust angle setting.

Fulton Precision Miter Gauge

Best Adjustable

The Fulton Precision Miter Gauge has an adjustable, solid aluminum head with 13 positive stop holes with the angles that are typically used for woodworking projects. One hole is at 90 degrees while the 6 holes on both sides are at 22.5, 30, 45, 60, 67.5 and 90 degrees. The head is easy to adjust and mounted to a solid steel miter bar that measures 18” in length and is .353” thick by .730” wide. The miter ball also has a metal, removable retaining disc and spring-loaded adjustable plungers on the side of the bar. A hex key wrench is included to help you adjust to your ideal fit.

A miter gauge for saws is essential for carpenters and woodworkers to deliver angled, precise cuts safely. This way nothing can stop you from achieving the goals of your business and your clients.