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The best O2 sensor sockets for a secure grip

A failing oxygen sensor can cause smog check failure and could eventually lead to catalytic converter damage. When you offer oxygen sensor maintenance, you help clients avoid expensive repair and ensure their long-term business. Provide reliable and efficient oxygen sensor maintenance with the best O2 sensor sockets that let you access hard-to-reach areas with ease and speed.

Removing and installing oxygen sensors is only the beginning of what an O2 sensor socket kit can do for you. These versatile tools also come in handy during oil pressure, thermal sensor, vacuum, and brake light switches. Our favorite O2 sensor socket wrenches are a value-packed solution that every mechanic must have in their tool box. Check out our top picks for your shop.

ARES 22mm Offset Oxygen Sensor Socket

Best Overall

Get extra leverage even in hard-to-reach spots with the ARES 22mm Offset Oxygen Sensor Socket. The offset and compact design of this socket are key to working fast and efficiently, while also letting you remove oxygen sensors with the wiring harness still attached. It offers maximum torque and precision thanks to its premium materials and accurate fit.

TEKTON 22 mm Offset Oxygen Sensor Socket

Best Value

Improving vehicle mileage and minimizing emissions doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. With the TEKTON 22 mm Offset Oxygen Sensor Socket, you can deliver the best O2 sensor maintenance to keep cars in top shape. This handy tool is compatible with most oxygen sensors and their common six-point design. The offset drive lets you access the sensors from the side instead of the top, which helps prevent damage to the system’s wires.

ABN Oxygen Sensor Socket Tool Kit

Best Set

The ABN Oxygen Sensor Socket Tool Kit understands that one size doesn’t fit all. This complete set includes seven pieces with multiple socket sizes to offer the versatility that every professional needs to tackle any job. It works with heated and nonheated oxygen sensors and fits over the vehicle’s wiring harness to prevent damage to the wires. Made from strongly welded metal, this sensor kit gives you the access and strength you need to replace any oxygen sensor.

Removing and installing new oxygen sensors in a car can be a big challenge – unless you use the right tools. With the O2 sensor sockets on our list, oxygen sensor maintenance is a breeze. These helpful devices are the key to a successful job that’s effortless and quick. By offering the easiest access to hard-to-reach bolts, our favorite O2 sensor socket wrenches save time and effort so you can offer the most reliable service.