The best straw cleaner brushes for avoiding bacteria building in reusable straws

If properly cleaned, you can preserve a plastic straw for quite a long time. If you use and maintain a straw cleaner brush properly, it can last very long as well. A good brush can help scrub the inside of both straight and bent straws. These straw cleaner brushes will help preserve your straw of choice.

Straw cleaner brushes typically feature bristles that are long and slim enough to fit in and thoroughly clean any straw and yet are soft enough to prevent any scratches or damage. They are usually made from stainless steel and are very flexible. When you’re ready to add a straw cleaner brush to your kitchen, consider one of these buy-worthy ones.

Hiware Drinking Straw Cleaning Brush Kit

Best Value

The best straw cleaner brushes are great performers for an affordable price. The Hiware Drinking Straw Cleaning Brush Kit offers a high-value option. The low-priced kit comes with nine cleaners total, three of each measuring 8, 10, and 12 inches. The nylon-bristled brushes can be used on any straw. The cleaners offer durability and are multifunctional, handling straight, slightly bent, or curved straws.

Hiware Drinking Straw Brush Set

Best Overall

How about straw cleaning brushes that come in multiple sizes and are food-grade, multipurpose, washable, and reusable? That's the rundown on the Hiware Drinking Straw Brush Set, which includes solid straw cleaning brushes. The stainless steel and durable cleaners have soft, long nylon bristles that are sturdy and flexible. They can clean any straw without scratching.

Rawnori Drink Straw Cleaning Brush

Best Easy to Use

Should you spend a lot or a little on straw cleaner brushes? If you only want to spend a little, consider the Rawnori Drink Straw Cleaning Brush. The low-priced pack includes two brushes that measure 7.5 inches each. The .25-inch bristles can clean silicone straws, thermoses, sports bottles, or sippy cups. The stainless-steel brush won\'t rust, either.

Don’t throw away your favorite classic, bent, curved, or smoothie straw. Make them last longer by regularly cleaning them with a dedicated straw cleaner brush. These leading and appealing straw cleaner brushes can help preserve your precious straws for a long time.