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The best wet tile saws for safe and efficient cutting

With the wet tile saw, you always want to consider the water containment system. Cutting tile can be a messy process, so you want to make sure your mess is contained, and there’s little water to clean up after the cuts are done. Some wet tile saws come with a hydrolock containment system designed to capture the water as it comes off the blade and minimizes your cleanup time.

You want to choose the saw with the cleanest cut, the most safety features, and the best reviews. But what is the highest priority for you? Does it need to have a stand, where you have a place to cut, no matter where your job is? Does it need to be the best value? Or do you just want the best saw out there?

Two essential factors to consider are portability and how strong the power source needs to be for your project. If you’re doing home DIY projects, it’s fine that the saw lives in the garage, as the tiles don’t have far to travel. But if you’re working as a tile mason, you want a saw you can take to your job sites that will hold up to travel in the back of your truck.

SKIL 7" Wet Tile Saw

Best Overall Wet Tile Saw

When you need the perfect saw for every job, you need the SKIL wet tile saw. Its corrosion-resistant stainless steel top supports tiles up to 12 by 12-inches and can bevel cut tiles from 0 to 45 degrees. It includes a blade cooling water reservoir to keep the blade cool and minimize dust and debris in your workspace.

This 120-volt 4.2 amp wet tile saw has the power to help you cut tile to replace and install floors in your home. The adjustable rip fence has a miter gauge to help you make accurate and straight cuts.

DEWALT Wet Tile Saw with Stand, 10-inch

Best Saw with a stand

DEWALT's wet tile saw is perfect for the homeowner and tile mason. It has a 1.5 horsepower motor that powers the 10-inch diamond blade, allowing you to cut up to 3 1/8-inches thick. The cutline indicator and stainless steel rollers provide accurate, stable cutting within 1/32-inch over 18-inch cuts.

This product includes the wet tile saw stand, a 10-inch XP4 porcelain tile blade, a submersible pump, side and rear water trays, an angle/rip guide, a blade wrench, and a hex wrench for making adjustments as you cut. The compact saw frame allows for easy transportation and secure storage in your truck.

Porter-Cable Wet Tile Saw

Best Value Wet Tile Saw

If you want the best-rated wet tile saw for the best price, you need the Porter-Cable. This durable saw comes equipped with a roll cage for easy carrying and protection during transport. A splash guard keeps water from spraying the tool operator, and the stainless steel fixed deck resists water damage and job site abuse.

And when the job is done, it has a drain plug to quickly drain water over a bucket without making a mess you have to clean up. If you need the best price and a wet tile saw that travels well, this is the one for you.

Keep the dust debris and water spillage to a minimum by choosing the best saw on the market. When it comes to features, value, and durability, these wet tile saws are your best bet.