The best window envelopes to level up your correspondence

The window design also allows you to hide certain information, like account numbers or other private details. Most window envelopes also have tinted material on their interior so that it is even harder to read any information from the outside. These make them the best choice for confidential business mailings. Here are our choices for the best window envelopes.

These types of envelopes are great for sending out invoices, bills, and statements, and they are commonly used by freelancers and large billing departments. What they allow you to do is have all the information printed on the document itself, rather than have to write it out on the envelope, which makes it great for bulk shipping.

AmazonBasics Security-Tinted Envelopes

Best Overall

This AmazonBasics pack will give you 500 number-10 envelopes at a great price. They have a peel & seal design, so no moisture is needed, which is great for bulk mailing. The single-window design is perfect for when you need to keep details secure. And the interior security tint will keep the contents even more safe.

Aimoh Double Window Security Envelopes

Best for Security

If security is your main concern, for example if the document you're sending has very sensitive personal information on it, these are the envelopes to get. With a double-window design that makes it easier for the receiver to identify your company, the Aimoh envelopes have a security tinted wave pattern that's extra secure. They're also designed with a quick-seal flap, which makes them easy to use.

AmazonBasics Double Window Envelopes

Best Value

If you want to have a double-window design to showcase your brand but don't want to spend the extra money for a premium option, this envelope from AmazonBasics is a great option. They're still security-tinted but just don't have a lot of the other frills, allowing for a lower price point. They're perfect for when you want a straightforward, simple-looking envelope with a double window.

If you or your business need to mail a lot of business correspondence, you want to get a window envelope. That way, you can save time and money by printing all the details directly on the document itself rather than on the envelope. A double-window envelope also lets you add your business information at a visible point, to add uniformity to your brand and encourage the receiver to open the mail.