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Arianna Endicott

Arianna Endicott

I grew up in the Metro Detroit area, and got my Bachelor of Arts in Print & Online Journalism from Wayne State University. I love good food, houseplants, and my pets!

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5 gifts your coworker may appreciate

Whether you're celebrating the holidays or a birthday or just hosting an employee gift exchange, consider these five items when buying for a coworker.

Here are some useful tools for a business owner

Technology is here to make our lives easier. Check out these tools to help run your business.
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Use these items to keep your cat occupied while you work

Cats need mental and physical stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Check out these 5 items to keep them living their best lives!
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Show off your kids at the company party with these 5 accessories

Are you bringing your little ones to the company holiday party? Dress them to the nines with these accessories!
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Prep your yard for the company cookout

Are you hosting a company barbecue to boost employee morale? Upgrade your yard with these five items!
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Work your brain by learning these 5 instruments

Learning an instrument can make you a more effective worker. Learn how playing music can improve your work ethic!
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Meal prep made easy with these 5 tools

Save time and money during your work week by meal prepping ahead of time!
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5 items to improve your workspace

Make your office feel like a home away from home with these five upgrades!
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5 small business startup essentials

Starting your own business might seem daunting, but these five items will help you organize your operations!
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Explore the great outdoors with these 5 accessories

Next time you plan a hiking adventure, grab these five essentials to be prepared.
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Plan your next great road trip with these 5 items

Before you head out on your next road trip, make sure your car is ready to travel! These 5 items can help you get prepared.
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Try these 5 doorbells to enhance home security

Try these 5 wireless doorbells to add an extra layer of home security.