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The best architectural scale ruler for exact measurements

If you want to be an expert at measuring and exact design, then choosing the right ruler is crucial. Whether you’re a professional or an aspiring architect, you need to find the ruler that meets your needs best.

With the right architectural scale ruler, you are one step closer to designing buildings and structures of immense size and design. Our list of favorites will lead you in the right direction to meet all of your criteria.

Arteza Triangular Architect Scale

Best Overall

This Arteza 12-Inch Triangular Architect Scale is a great, sturdy option with three unique sides. The six scales that come with this ruler allow you to have everything you need in one tool. Each side of the ruler features a unique color.

Mr. Pen Triangular Ruler Set

Best Set

The Mr. Pen Triangular Ruler Set has everything a new or experienced architect needs. This set includes two sizes of triangles and a triangular square. One of the triangles features a protractor in the center.

Mr. Pen Architectural Templates

Best Templates

These templates are a great option for designing homes and buildings. Some templates feature things like kitchen appliances while others focus on plumbing.

Architectural scale rulers are important for any contractor, builder, or architect. Choosing the one that best suits your needs will inspire accuracy and perfection in all your designs. Aspiring architects and contractors can utilize these tools to grow into their passion for building. It is vital that they have the right tools to make incredible designs.