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restaurant branding modern black and gray cafe interior with a round

Why branding matters when starting a restaurant

This is why branding is so important when it comes to your new restaurant.
Building roof pitch height

How to determine roof pitch

Hammer, nails, and glove on a roof

Roofing tools that are most important for repairs

The Best MagSafe Ring Of 2024

Best 3D Printer Filaments of 2024

The Best Tablet Stands for Work, School, and Everything in Between

The Best Macbook Pro Docking Station of 2024

The Best Magnetic Wireless Chargers: Convenience Meets Performance

The Best Asbestos Test Kits To Keep Your Home Safe

The Best LED Light Stands of 2024

Water stain from leaky roof

How to repair a leaky roof

Cleaning moss from a roof

How to remove moss from a roof

Lighting technician installing professional lighting equipment for concert stage , installation with led lights and projectors

The Best DMX Cable of 2024

DMX cables are the best option for stage lighting and live performances. Here is a list of popular options that ship fast.
karaoke time

The Best Budget Microphone of 2024

Nowadays, microphones are accessible and inexpensive. Here are the best budget microphones for work or pleasure.
Young remote worker and baby

Thoughtful gifts for an office baby shower

Show your colleague you care with these great gifts for new working parents.
Roofer estimating

How to measure and estimate a roof like a pro

Here are some tips on how to measure a roof like a pro.
Roofer building roof with shingles

How to install roof shingles

Here are the steps to install roof shingles.
Clapboard house with attached porch

How to attach a patio roof to an existing house

Here's how to attach a patio roof to an existing house.
best gifts for a construction worker adult with yellow helmet and plaid shirt next to

What are the best gifts to give construction workers?

Here are the best gifts to give construction workers.
Pigeons flying off of a roof

How to keep pigeons off your roof

Here are some helpful tips for removing and keeping pigeons off your roof.
Worker wearing a tool belt

The best construction work clothes built for durability

These construction work clothes will last the longest.
Food truck as the sun sets

How to set up water in your food truck

Here's how to set up water in your food truck and other helpful info the subject.
Construction manager working at building site

5 things to know about getting a construction management degree

Here's what you need to know about a construction management degree.
Two ethnic construction professionals

5 types of heavy construction equipment and when to use themĀ 

Here's when to use these types of heavy construction equipment.
Individual using a wire stripper.

How to crimp wires together in 4 easy steps

Learn to crimp wires together with these simple steps.
Roof truss system on new roof

The complete guide for building a roof truss

Here's some helpful information about building a roof truss.
Construction worker falling from ladder

7 types of construction site accidents and how to avoid them

Here are seven construction site accidents to avoid.
Minimalist desktop organization

5 best desk organizers for a tidy office

These are the best desk organizers on the market now.
Smiling coworkers in an office hallway

How a room divider can give workers more privacy

Here's why you might want to consider using a half-wall room divider.
Office worker using a copy machine

What does a copy machine cost?

Here are details on how much a copy machine costs.
Gravel path and rocks in landscaped garden

How to use rocks in your landscape

Here are some landscaping ideas using rocks.
Individual using a wire stripper.

How to use wire strippers correctly

Here's how to correctly use wire strippers on a project
General contractor on job site

What is a general contractor and what do they do?

Here's everything you need to know about general contractors.
Wrench set hanging on the wall

5 types of wrenches and when to use them

The last thing in any construction project you want is to have a monkey wrench thrown into the situation.
Person using caulk gun

Best caulk guns for DIYers and pros

These are the 6 best caulk guns on the market to use for projects.
Home roof replacement

Best roofing shovels for easy shingle removal: Our 5 best picks

Here are the best roofing shovels for shingle removal.
Wrench set

6 best wrench sets you need in your toolbox

These are the 6 best wrench sets on the market.
Contractors collaborating

How to become a general contractor

Here's what to do to become a great contractor.
Man installing natural grass Turf

How to start your own landscaping business

We tell you how to turn your green thumb and experience into a thriving landscaping business.
Beautifully landscaped home front

5 best landscaping ideas to completely revamp a yard

Here are some landscaping ideas that will completely revamp a yard.
Individual going through file cabinet

How to organize a file cabinet

Everything you need to know about organizing a file cabinet.
Individual going through files

3 different types of folders every office needs

Every office should have these 3 different types of folders.
document scanner

Is a handheld document scanner as good as a flatbed scanner?

Handheld scanners are portable, but are they as good as flatbed scanners?
Office worker using a printer

Ink vs. toner: What’s the difference?

Learn the difference between ink and toner and how the difference matters.
inside of a small business

The best phone system for your small business

If you are a small business, you need a phone system that will work for you and your needs.
African American lawyer

Legal issues all startups encounter, and how to avoid them

These are the common legal issues for startups. See how to avoid them.
Line of EV vans charging

Understanding the different levels of charging in EVs

Find out the different levels of charging electric vehicles.
Person with smartphone dialing Uber

What Uber’s resurrection teaches us about adversity as a startup

Uber went through some troubles, but it did a great job in getting past it all. Here's what you can learn from its resurrection.
Person holding a labeled package

How to create a shipping label

Here's what you need to know about creating a shipping label.
small businesses thriving man using a laptop at wood workshop

5 successful businesses that launched during the pandemic and are thriving

These small businesses were started during the pandemic and are now thriving