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The Best Magnetic Wireless Chargers: Convenience Meets Performance

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A wireless charger creates a magnetic energy field that a compatible smart device absorbs and converts into power. While the debate surrounding the utility offered by wireless chargers is wide open, many people prefer them over traditional wired charging methods simply because they are convenient to use. To work, a wireless charger must be plugged into a power source and is said to be wireless because the device you need to charge does not need to be plugged in itself. Each charger will be compatible with different devices, so it is important to choose one compatible with the devices you intend to charge with it. Of course, there are plenty of other factors to consider as well but don’t worry, we’ll help you out. For starters, here are the finest magnetic wireless chargers of 2024.

What Are the Leading Magnetic Wireless Chargers of 2024?

ESR Magnetic Wireless Charger – Best overall

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Experience the future of wireless charging with the ESR Magnetic Wireless Charger – where power meets convenience in a snap. The built-in magnets seamlessly align your phone with the power bank, instantly activating MagSafe-style charging upon attachment. Say goodbye to the hassle of plugging in cables and enjoy a faster, more convenient way to wirelessly charge.

With a substantial 10,000mAh battery capacity, this charger ensures you power through your day without interruption. Charge your iPhone 13 1.6 times, and choose between 7.5W wireless charging for a quick boost or 20W wired charging when time is of the essence – all without slowing you down.

The ESR Magnetic Wireless Charger takes security seriously with a robust magnetic lock featuring 1,000g of holding force. Your power bank stays securely attached to your phone, providing peace of mind during on-the-go charging.

Key Features

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Fast charging design
  • Various charging speeds available

Apple MagSafe Charger – Best for iPhone users

Apple MagSafe Charger

This charger is designed to power your iPhone or Airpods. It can charge your iPhone 8 and any iPhone model after that. You can also use this device to charge any Airpods with a wireless charging case. This charger comes with a USB-C cable, so it’s ready to use right out of the box.

Considering the power output of this charger, you can charge your phone in two hours or less. It must be plugged into an AC power source to work properly. You can listen to music on your phone through headphones while it is charging when using this device.

This charger will work through most phone case protectors. This reliable charging device may seem like a novelty at first, but the convenience it offers means you will never want to go back to using a regular charging cable again.

Key Features

  • Compatible with iPhone 8 onwards
  • Comes with a USB cable
  • Allows you to listen to music while charging
  • Charges your devices quickly

Crave Wireless Charger – Most Versatile

Crave Wireless Charger

The Crave Wireless Charger is a great way to keep your devices, phones, and tablets charged while being stylish and convenient. This 10W Qi-Certified wireless charger offers smart-charging technology, allowing your phone to stay powered up all day. From the iPhone 12 and 11 to Samsung models like the Note 20 and 10, this charger can fast-charge your device without taking up too much space.

This option is designed with a non-slip stand, so your phone won’t slip, fall, or tip while charging. The charger is adjustable, allowing it to be used in landscape or vertical mode so you can easily scroll and text. A thoughtful, low-profile design makes a stand perfect for anywhere, from your bedroom to your office. In addition to convenience, this gadget is aesthetically pleasing too. Available in black, it makes an ideal tech lover’s gift or personal purchase.

Key Features

  • 10W high power output
  • Adjustable orientation
  • Non-slip stand

WAITEE Wireless Magnetic Charger – Protects From Overheating

WAITEE Wireless Magnetic Charger

This charger comes with a 20W Type-C adapter. It has an alignment charging function that ensures your phone still charges even if it is not placed directly in the center of the charger. This function is compatible with iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, the charger can also charge Airpods and Samsung Galaxy buds as well.

This charger has a rubber ring at its base to prevent it from sliding on smooth surfaces. It also has temperature control so it does not overheat, and other safety features include current protection and short circuit protection, making this a safe charger to use. It also has foreign object detection that will let you know if a foreign object is blocking the connection between the charger and your phone.

Key Features

  • Compatible with various devices
  • Alignment charging function
  • Rubber base for stability
  • Temperature control, current, and circuit protection

KKM Magnetic Wireless Charger – Most Efficient

KKM Magnetic Wireless Charger

This efficient charger contains 38 magnets to charge your device with 15W of power. It can be used with iPhone 12 and 13 compatible MagSafe cases. This charger has a foreign body detection feature that alerts you in case any object is blocking the charging process, prompting you to clean the surfaces to ensure a seamless charging process.

This charger also has overcharge protection and will stop charging your phone when fully charged. It also has an overheat protection safety feature so you never need to worry about your device becoming too hot.

Also, you can continue to use your phone to watch a movie or play a game while it is charging on this wireless charger. The strong magnetic absorption allows you to alter the angle of your phone while maintaining a strong charge connection.

Key Features

  • Can be used with iPhone 12 and 13
  • Overcharge and overheat protection
  • Allows you to continue using the phone while charging
  • Foreign body detection feature
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Buying Guide: Magnetic Wireless Charger

Now that you’ve seen the best magnetic wireless chargers the internet has to offer, you may want to do a little more research to know exactly what to look for when sifting through the various available options. In this guide, we’ll discuss the following points so you can make an informed purchase decision.

  • How does a magnetic wireless charger work?
  • Things to consider before buying a magnetic wireless charger
  • Reasons to buy a magnetic charger online
  • How we chose the best magnetic chargers
  • Magnetic charger price range

How Does a Magnetic Wireless Charger Work?

A magnetic wireless charger works via a process called resonant inductive coupling. This involves a transmitter found in the charger and a receiver that is found in your phone. If you were to take the charger apart, the transmitter would be the part of the device with a coiled wire.

The transmitter is sent direct current (DC) and transforms it into alternating current (AC).

When the transmitter changes the electrical current to an alternating current, it creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field stimulates the receiver in your mobile device to create an alternating current. The AC is then converted to DC by the receiver which can be used to power your phone.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Magnetic Wireless Charger

Before you purchase a magnetic wireless charger, consider the following things to ensure you purchase the most ideal one possible for your unique needs.

Compatible devices

Different wireless chargers are compatible with different types of phones. Ensure the charging device you have is compatible with the phone you own.

Phone case

If your phone case is too thick, it may prevent the charger from charging your phone. You will either need to take the phone case off your phone every time you need to recharge. If this is the case, you should incorporate the cost of getting a thinner phone case into your budget for a magnetic wireless charger.

Shock absorption

Shock absorption will dampen or absorb shock impulses in case the charger is accidentally dropped, which will protect the charger against damage.

Temperature resistance

When electricity is transferred through the air, it can meet a few stumbling blocks along the way. A thin case or a poorly designed receiver in your phone can cause some of that power to build up rather than be absorbed. This causes the phone to heat up, and in most cases, this is not an issue and won’t harm you or your phone.

However, this makes some people uncomfortable or worried. Choosing a charger with temperature resistance will reduce the likelihood of your phone becoming hot to the touch.

Dual USB port design

A dual-port design is when a USB wire has two USB plugs that are USB type C and USB type B. This gives you more options on where to charge your device.

Magnetic suction alignment

Most magnetic wireless chargers also use magnets to hold a phone in place for optimal charging. This is a useful feature and means you, a pet, or a child are unlikely to knock the phone off the charger. Ensure the magnetic suction alignment is strong and reliable.

Rubber base

Look for a magnetic charger with a rubber base. This will prevent the device from sliding around on flat surfaces and will reduce the likelihood of falling onto the ground and damaging your phone.

Current protection

Some magnetic charging devices have current protection. This means the charger contains an overcurrent protection device that will protect your device against the excess current by breaking the current flow. In a magnetic charging device, this component is usually a small fusible link.

You may also hear the phrase circuit protection. This is often provided by the same fusible link that will break before it lets any damage occur in your phone.

Car compatible charger

Although one of the main benefits of using a wireless magnetic charger is the ability to charge your phone with fewer distractions while you drive, some wireless magnetic chargers do not come with everything you need to charge from your car.

If you want to use the wireless charger for this purpose specifically, ensure the charger is capable of being powered by your car.

Alternatively, you can look up apparatus that allows you to use a wireless magnetic charger in a car and incorporate this into your budget.

Air vent mount

You may want to purchase a charger with an air vent mount. This allows you to attach the charger to an air vent in your car, making it easier to access without taking your eyes off the road.

Reasons To Purchase a Magnetic Charger Online

There are several reasons why it is beneficial to purchase a magnetic charger online. Some of these reasons include:

  • Access to more products

Shopping online gives you more choice than you would find in your local electronics store. You can also search for specific items and features via your preferred search engine.

  • More convenient

Purchasing a magnetic charger online is more convenient. Instead of traveling to a physical store, waiting in line, and walking around many people, you can sit comfortably at home and order something in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

  • Better value for money

When you order online, more companies are vying for your custom. For this reason, you will find some of the best deals online.

How We Chose the Best Magnetic Wireless Chargers

To choose the best magnetic wireless chargers on our list, we considered the following:

  • How quickly the device charges a phone
  • The number of safety features
  • Grippable rubber base
  • Strong magnetic suction alignment
  • Dual USB plugs
  • Customer reviews
  • Affordability
  • Warranty

Magnetic Wireless Charger Price Range

You can buy a magnetic wireless charger for as little as $5 and as much as $150. You will need to pay more for a magnetic wireless charging stand as well.

People Also Ask

How can I tell if my charger is working?

Most magnetic wireless chargers have a light system that tells you when the charger is charging your phone and when it is fully charged. Magnetic wireless chargers do charge a little slower than traditional cable charging. However, if you think your device is charging too slowly, you can test it with an ampere. You will find the listed amperage of your charger on its body or manual. If the two match up, your charger is working as it should.

Why should I use a magnetic wireless charger instead of a wired charger?

Wireless charging is beneficial because it puts less strain on the charging port of your phone. Wireless charging is also more convenient because you only need to place your phone on a charger instead of plugging it in to recharge it.

Can I use a wireless charging pad with an old phone?

Most phones that were made more than five years ago are not compatible with a wireless charging pad.

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