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The best port hubs of 2024

Charging digital tablet with USB C multiport hub with pass-through charging
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While having three ports on a computer or laptop is enough for a flash drive, keyboard, and mouse, but you may sometimes need to plug in other devices. Port hubs connect to a single USB port and give you multiple USB ports in return. Depending on the model, you can even control which port stays active and which port doesn’t, giving you full control over your devices.

If you want to give yourself more ports to work with, then you’ll want one of the best port hubs of 2024 that we’ve reviewed below. We especially like the iVanky EdgeDock for its convenient 12-in-1 design.

The best port hubs

iVanky port hub – Best overall

IVANKY USB-C Laptop Docking Station

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The iVanky EdgeDock is a gateway to a world of seamless connectivity. It also enhances overall productivity. Designed to simplify your digital life, this docking station is an all-in-one solution for expanding your laptop’s capabilities. With a plethora of ports at your fingertips, you can access USB-A, USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet, and audio jacks.

That way, you’ll have the flexibility to connect all your essential peripherals and devices with ease. This docking station offers the convenience of a single cable connection as well. It can transform your laptop into a powerful workstation. In addition to enhanced productivity, the efficiency you’ll experience is unparalleled, making this product our top choice.


  • Offers 12 ports in one
  • Convenient single cable connection
  • Significantly boosts productivity levels


  • No power shutdown button

LyfnLove port hub – Runner up

LYFNLOVE Powered USB 3.0 Hub

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This USB 3.0 hub is a great example of how many more USB ports you can access with a single port hub. It’s extremely versatile, as it has a total seven total USB ports as well as one smart charging port if you need to charge your phone or another device at the same time. The USB ports are aligned in a column on the top of the hub.

Each of the hub’s USB ports contains an on and off switch. This determines whether or not the hub will allow the connection to reach your computer or laptop. When used correctly, you’ll be able to connect and disconnect your devices from your computer without actually unplugging them directly.


  • Seven data ports and one smart charging port
  • Features on/off switches for each port
  • Provides up to 5 Gbps data


  • Power cord is a bit short

Plugable port hub – Best for dual displays

Plugable Universal Laptop Port Hub

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Laptop users would agree that additional ports are always in demand. Plugable’s laptop docking station is capable of taking care of all those needs. It works best with USB 3.0 type A and type C ports. Additionally, the pre-installed USB graphic driver is convenient in getting it to work at the start.

This device has a total of 12 connectivity ports which include six USBs, two display ports and one each for headphones, a microphone, a gigabit ethernet and a power switch. Its vertical design is another one of its clever features that makes sure that the device offers maximum function while being space efficient.


  • Display ports can connect 4K 60 Hz displays
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • Supports common resolutions


  • Takes up a lot of space

Sabrent port hub – Most convenient

Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Data Hub

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LED may look unnecessary in many computer products such as gaming mice and keyboards, but they can be very useful and helpful when in the right situation. Take this USB 2.0 data hub, for example. It’s a fairly simple device, with four ports found on the side of the hub. There are buttons that you can use to turn each port’s connection on or off individually. But with LED lights, it takes this simple and familiar concept to the next level.

The LED lights work in tandem with the switches and light up when in the “On” state. This allows you to easily spot which one of your ports is currently active. You can even use it in the dark without the lights on and you’ll still be able to notice which port is being powered. It’s a great use of LED lights, and the practical applications of the light make it very useful when working in dim lighting conditions.


  • Convenient LED light indicators
  • On/off switches for each port
  • Supports high-speed transmission


  • Only includes four USB 2.0 ports

Hiearcool port hub – Most Portable

Hiearcool MacBook USB C Dongle

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This next port hub is designed for the MacBook Pro, and it essentially turns a single USB-C hub into a Swiss Army knife of sorts. The dongle connects directly through the USB-C hub of the MacBook Pro and then accepts connections from two USB ports, an HDMI port, an SD and MicroSD port, and even another USB-C port. You have a total of five different port types in a single hub.

This can allow you to transfer all sorts of data to and from your MacBook Pro. The SD and MicroSD slots are great if you want to transfer files to or from your phone and camera. The USB-A slots are great for flash drives and portable hard drives alike. The Type-C port serves as a replacement for the one you’re using to connect to the MacBook, and the HDMI port helps with video and audio projection.


  • Five port types in a single hub
  • Great for all sorts of data transfers
  • Provides 100W power pass-through


  • Can get warm while in use

Anker port hub – Most versatile

Anker USB C Hub

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Anker’s made all sorts of connectors and adapters for various devices, and this particular one’s made for MacBooks, XPS, and more. The device can read USB-C, SD, MicroSD, USB-A, and HDMI. The hub is plugged into a USB-C port, which is why they work well with MacBooks, but they can also be used in tandem with other devices such as XPS.

The device uses pass-through charging to help with secure power delivery. It’s also very high-speed, capable of transferring up to 5 gigabits of data per second. While a single USB-C hub is great on its own, this little hub can give it far more functionality and compatibility.


  • Provides fast data transfers
  • Supports pass-through charging
  • Universal OS compatibility


  • Pass-through charging can be slow

Totu port hub – Best connections


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This last port hub’s got the most available connections, and it even has one port that you probably didn’t expect at all. This USB-C hub connects to a USB-C port and will allow you to plug in numerous USB devices, USB-C, HDMI, SD, MicroSD, and interestingly enough, ethernet. This can be useful if you want to give your laptop fast Internet speeds without having to connect to the network via a choppy and unreliable Wi-Fi signal.

The hub is portable thanks to its design, and since it’s rounded, it won’t scratch or damage the inside of your bag should you stow it away there. The adapter is also light and easy to carry around, and you can even bring it along with you to work or wherever you go. The hub is available in two different colors, which is great if you’re looking for something that matches your style the most.


  • Includes an Ethernet connection
  • Supports 4K HD video output
  • Provides effortless data transfer


  • Internet speed may be slower while charging
Charging tablet with USB C multiport hub
abalcazar / Getty

Port hubs: a buying guide

Port hubs are one of the best ways to expand your data ports in your computer or laptop. These are some tips you’ll want to learn about when buying one.

What are port hubs?

Port hubs are devices that connect to a single port in your computer and laptop and act as a hub of sorts for multiple other connections. These connections can either be the same as the port that the hub plugs into or completely different port types.

Why should you use port hubs?

Port hubs are more useful than you think, especially when you take advantage of their strengths.

They give you more ports to work with

If you own a laptop or a computer with a limited amount of open ports, then you’ll want a port hub to help expand the number of open ports available. You can never have too many ports, after all. Sure, you could make do with only two or three USB ports, for example, but you won’t be able to plug in anything else if all of the existing ports are used.

This is why port hubs are useful if you’ve got a semi-permanent or permanent PC or laptop setup. You’ll be able to plug in more computer accessories and devices, which will then allow you to do more things on your desk.

They can provide new port types

When was the last time you’ve seen a laptop with an SD card slot? Okay, to be fair, a lot of laptops still do have an SD card slot, but you get the point—port hubs can provide new forms of connection. For example, if you want to be able to project your audio and video, you may want to have an HDMI port.

Some HDMI ports in older laptops may not work due to hardware issues, and port hubs with HDMI ports are able to circumvent this by essentially turning the USB port into an HDMI port.

Things to consider when buying a port hub

Number of ports

When it comes to port hubs, you generally want to have as many extra hubs as you need. Now, there are two ways to go about choosing a port hub based on the number of ports – you either pick the one with the most ports or pick the one with the exact number of extra ports you need.

If you choose to buy the port hub with the most ports, you’re pretty much guaranteed to never run out of them with the port hub installed. You’ll be able to plug in plenty of devices with room to spare. This can be the better option if you aren’t sure what devices you’ll be using with your computer in the long run.

Alternatively, choosing a port hub with the exact number of ports needed can be useful if you want to save a bit of space. Space isn’t always an issue, especially if you’ve got plenty of room to spare on your desk, but some people may not be able to afford that luxury. As such, you may want to find smaller hubs that have enough ports for you to work with while also not taking up a whole lot of room.

Connection types

The connection types and port types of a USB hub can vary depending on the type of hub that you’re using. For example, some hubs only offer one type of port extension—this is usually USB-A. If you want to plug in multiple USB devices in one place, this is usually the ideal choice.

For those who want a more diverse hub instead, you can opt for hubs that have more than one port or connection type, including SD and MicroSD, HDMI, and even Ethernet. These connection types offer you a broader range of possibilities and will allow you to connect more stuff to your device or computer at the same time.

However, be mindful that these types of hubs usually only have one or two per connection type, so you can’t plug in three USB devices in these port hubs, for example.

Common questions about port hubs

Do port hubs affect transfer speed?

When multiple devices are connected to the hub, they share the total bandwidth of that hub’s single connection to the laptop, so the more devices and connections exist, the slower each connection will be.

Are port hubs necessary?

Technically, they aren’t. Port hubs are mostly used to solve problems relating to a lack of available USB hubs. If you’ve got a laptop with lots of USB ports or a PC with plenty of room to spare, you probably don’t need one.

Are port hubs universal?

While port hubs can allow multiple connection types, they can only connect to a single type of port, such as USB or USB-C, depending on the hub’s design.

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