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The Best MagSafe Ring Of 2024

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Are you tired of dealing with tangled and frayed charging cables? Then it’s time to get a MagSafe ring. MagSafe rings are designed to make charging your phone, tablet, and other small electronics easier and faster. Not only that, but they can also help protect your device from damage caused by frayed or tangled cables. The innovative design features a magnetic connection that easily attaches your phone to various surfaces, including cars, tables, and even bags. The ring doubles as a kickstand, so you can easily watch videos and take pictures without holding your phone.

In this post, we’ll review the best MagSafe rings of 2024, so you can pick the perfect one for your needs. We’ll discuss the different features available and what to look for when choosing the right ring for your needs. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your phone more convenient and accessible, we’ve got you covered!

Comparing the Top-Most MagSafe Ring in 2024

ESR MagSafe Ring – Best Overall

ESR MagSafe Ring

The ESR MagSafe Ring is a must-have accessory for any smartphone owner. The kit provides an easy way to upgrade your case to MagSafe compatibility, allowing you to access the power of fast and easy wireless charging. The ring’s unique design triples the magnetic strength, ensuring your phone stays securely attached to all MagSafe accessories.

Thanks to the included alignment guide, installation takes minimal effort and requires no guesswork. Unlike other magnetic accessories, this kit also allows users to maintain the ability to use a standard wireless charger as long as their phone is aligned correctly. This kit is compatible with PC or TPU cases without a non-slip coating.

It ensures perfect alignment between your phone and the charging coil, maximizing charging efficiency and enabling quick and convenient tap-and-go wireless charging. The kit is backed by customer support videos and a comprehensive twelve-month warranty for peace of mind. This is also our top overall choice due to the fast and easy wireless charging it offers to its users.


  • Comes with an alignment guide
  • Compatible with PV and TPU case
  • Easy to use
  • Features a nonslip coat


  • Magnetic power isn’t as strong

Lamicall MagSafe Ring – Best Quality

Lamicall MagSafe Ring

The Lamicall MagSafe Ring is an essential add-on device for iPhone 14 Plus 13 12, Pro, Pro Max, Mini, and MagSafe accessories. This phone ring holder is designed with a strong magnetic force that can hold up to 2.2 lbs when directly snapped to a bare iPhone 12, 13, or 14 series. By including a metal ring in the process, this magnetic force can reach up to 6.6 lbs making it capable of holding weights that are equivalent to five iPhones.

To make usage even easier, this phone ring holder features a flexible 360° rotation capability thanks to an internal link that makes reorienting the phone stand a breeze. With this feature, you can quickly adjust the angle of your phone stand for the perfect view. Also, this offers multiple functionalities since it can be used as a grip and kickstand on your desktop or any flat surface.

This exceptional product is not only powerful but also MagSafe charger friendly. This means that you can keep the metal ring intact while charging wirelessly, and if need be, it can be removed easily without affecting wireless charging.


  • Features 360° rotation
  • Compatible with a range of devices
  • Can be used as a kickstand or grip
  • Charger friendly for added convenience


  • The ring is hard to open

metisinno MagSafe Ring – Most Easy-to-Install

metisinno MagSafe Ring

The metisinno Magnetic Phone Ring Holder is the perfect accessory for Apple iPhone 14, 13, and 12 MagSafe charging accessories. It is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and features a unique hollow design that provides 1800g of magnetism to hold your phone securely. With its ability to rotate 360 degrees, you can easily find the perfect angle to grip your phone, text with one hand, snap photos or selfies, and even watch videos hands-free!

Unlike other magnetic phone ring holders on the market, this holder has been designed specifically for use with MagSafe cases. This ensures that your phone will stay securely in place when you are using it, but it can be easily removed for wireless charging. The fact that it comes with official parameters magnets also makes it highly reliable and secure.

The magnetic phone ring holder also comes in an attractive pink hue that will surely add a touch of style to your device. It is adjustable so that you can get a perfect fit every time, and its small size means that it won’t get in the way when using your device.


  • Features a lightweight design
  • Made from aluminum alloy
  • Comes with a 360-degree rotation
  • Aesthetically pleasing pink color


  • Not the most durable product

LISEN MagSafe Ring – Most User Friendly

LISEN MagSafe Ring

The LISEN MagSafe Ring is the perfect companion to the iPhone 12/13/14 series. Featuring 12 powerful magnets, it’s an incredibly secure way to do every day comfortably and without strain. Its unique design allows for its use without a protective cover or case as long as the phone has the MagSafe feature. It also greatly reduces tendon irritation in your fingers, allowing for a broader range of one-handed use.

Adding to its functionality, its adjustable stand makes videos and streaming much easier, providing adjustable angles and heights that can be easily changed. This makes it ideal for enjoying video content on the go or lying down. Also, the magnetic adsorption ensures it will not interfere with wireless charging, so you can use your device when you need it and charge when you don’t. Its powerful magnets and adjustable stand make it great for frequent users of these devices, and its ease of use makes it beginner-friendly.


  • Perfect for new users of MagSafe
  • It doesn’t interfere with cable charging
  • It has 12 powerful magnets
  • It helps with one-hand use


  • The ring gets locked and doesn’t unlock easily

Anker MagSafe Ring – Best All-Around Utility

Anker MagSafe Ring

The Anker Magsafe Ring is one of the most versatile phone grips and stands available today. It provides a robust, lightweight grip that will keep your phone secure and give you the perfect angle for viewing or chatting.

It works both ways, as a great grip for taking your phone on the go or a handy kickstand when you need to set it on a desk. The grip is incredibly strong and capable of holding up to 28 oz (800 g), or the equivalent of 4 iPhone 12s. You can easily rotate the ring holder 360° and flip it up to 125°, allowing for maximum flexibility of use and comfort in any situation.

This also comes with an easy attach-and-detach feature, so you don’t need to worry about adhesive tapes or sticky residues. And with its 24-month stress-free warranty and friendly customer service, you can rest assured that your purchase is well taken care of.


  • Strong grip and great stand
  • Can withhold weight up to 800 grams
  • Comes with a 24-month warranty
  • Versatile and lightweight


  • Comes off pretty easily
Young woman using the mobile phone while drinking coffee or tea at home
FG Trade / Getty

MagSafe Ring: Buying Guide

When purchasing a MagSafe ring for your device, several key factors must be considered to ensure you’re getting the best product for your needs. Before buying, you’ll want to evaluate the following product features to ensure you select a ring that meets your expectations, and this comprehensive guide will aid you in doing so!

Things to Consider Before Buying a MagSafe Ring


When looking for a MagSafe ring, the price can be an important factor in determining your selection. The cost can range greatly based on design, material, and brand. Consider your budget and needs before selecting a ring, as spending more may get you a higher-quality product with better features.


Make sure the MagSafe ring you choose is compatible with your device before buying. Most rings have compatibility features in the product description, so check the specs before purchasing a ring. If you’re unsure, reach out to a representative from the company or research online forums for more information.


Durability is an important factor to consider. Be sure to read customer reviews and check product specs to understand how well the ring is built and how long it will last. By doing this research, you can make an informed decision when purchasing a ring that will meet your needs for many years.


The material used in constructing a MagSafe ring is important when selecting the best ring for your device. Look for rings made from high-quality materials such as aluminum or stainless steel that won’t scratch or break easily with regular use. Some manufacturers also offer silicone or thermoplastic rings, adding flexibility and shock resistance over traditional metal options.


One of the key benefits of using a ring is its lightweight design which helps reduce the overall weight of your device. Be sure to choose a ring that doesn’t add extra bulk or weight, so it won’t be too uncomfortable or cumbersome when using your device.


Don’t forget about the design! Explore different designs and colors available to match your current device color scheme or even create your own unique style! Consider different finishes, such as matte or glossy, depending on your preference and sizes if you’re looking for something more subtle or low profile.

Grip comfort

Look for ergonomically designed rings that provide support and cushioning on your fingers and wrists while in use so that they won’t cause strain after extended periods. This feature can help protect your hands from pain or injury and keep your device in place during use.

Magnetic field strength

Magnetic field strength is critical because it determines how powerful the magnetic connection is between your device and the ring. Look for rings with high magnetic field strength ratings, as this will provide you with better performance from your device in both usage and charging modes!

Compatibility with car mounts

Finally, many modern MagSafe rings have compatibility features with car mounts – making securing your device while driving easier than ever! Before purchasing, check if the ring is compatible with car mounts, so you know if it meets all of your needs before using it in this manner!

People Also Ask

What are the features of the best MagSafe Ring?

A MagSafe ring is a feature-packed and powerful accessory that provides wireless charging up to 15 watts, secure attachment to devices, and protection for device surfaces. It is also designed with an aluminum body for durability and features an anti-slip finish for a secure grip. It also has a built-in LED indicator to identify a device’s charging status quickly.

Is the MagSafe ring compatible with all devices?

No, the Best MagSafe ring is only compatible with specific Apple mobile devices like iPhone 12 and iPad Pro 11-inch models.

How durable is a MagSafe ring?

The MagSafe ring has an aluminum body for increased durability and longevity. Also, its anti-slip finish protects against wear and tear when attached to devices.

Is the MagSafe ring easy to install and remove?

Yes, the MagSafe ring is designed to be easy to install and remove from compatible devices without any tools or additional materials. It simply snaps onto the back of a device in seconds and can be removed just as easily when not in use.

Does the MagSafe ring provide wireless charging?

Yes, the MagSafe ring offers up to 15 watts of wireless charging power which is ideal for rapidly charging compatible Apple mobile devices like iPhone 12 and iPad Pro 11-inch models.

How secure is a MagSafe ring?

A MagSafe ring features an anti-slip finish on its aluminum body which helps keep it securely attached to devices during wireless charging sessions. Adding to that, it has a built-in LED indicator that lets users know when their device is fully charged or if there are any issues with the connection.

How long does it take to charge a device with the MagSafe ring?

The time it takes to charge a device using the MagSafe ring will depend on how fast its connection is and how large its battery capacity is. Generally, most devices should reach full charge within two hours or less when connected steadily to power via the ring’s 15W of wireless charging power.

Is the magsafe ring waterproof?

No, the MagSafe ring is not waterproof, so users should be careful not to expose it to liquids or extreme weather conditions that could cause damage or malfunction over time.

What type of warranty does the MagSafe ring come with?

The MagSafe ring comes with a one-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase from authorized retailers or directly from a manufacturer’s website or store locations.

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