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The best car plastic restorer of 2024

best car plastic restorer
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Car plastic restorers are specifically designed to revive the luster of faded plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces to preserve your car’s aesthetic appeal. We’ve sifted through hundreds of plastic restorers for cars and found the best ones on the market that offer the best bang for your buck. Among our top picks is the Car Guys Plastic Restorer Kit, which restores the original color and shine and provides a long-lasting protective layer against sun damage and aging. Check out our top picks below followed by a comprehensive guide on how to find the best restorers for

Best car plastic restorers

car guys car plastic restorer

CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer Kit – Best overall

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CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer is an unmatched solution for rejuvenating faded or dull vehicle plastics, effectively breathing new life into them. This product not only cleans but also restores vibrancy and gloss to your car’s plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces. Its easy-to-use foam applicator actively works to revive the lost shine and color in a user-friendly manner.

Moreover, this car plastic restorer confidently safeguards your car’s plastic against harmful elements. It utilizes safe auto detailing supplies, ensuring that your vehicle’s surfaces are not only restored but also protected. It doesn’t just rejuvenate your car’s plastic surfaces; it breathes life back into them, making it our top overall pick.


  • Restores faded and worn-out surfaces
  • Protects against future fading
  • Easy and hassle-free application


  • Requires frequent reapplication
meguirs car plastic restorer

Meguiar’s Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer – Mess-free application

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If you’re looking for an effective solution to breathe new life into your vehicle’s faded plastic surfaces, consider Meguiar’s car plastic restorer. This product doesn’t just camouflage the wear and tear; it actively restores black plastic and faded trim pieces, rejuvenating their original shine and vibrancy. The powerful formula not only adds durability but also offers UV protection. So, it doesn’t just enhance; it actively shields your car’s plastic components from further sun damage.

What sets this plastic restorer apart is its commitment to ease and cleanliness. Applying it is a simple, mess-free process. The product glides smoothly over surfaces, leaving no room for streaks or smears. It quickly absorbs into the plastic, ensuring no residue or slippery surfaces. This is a car plastic restorer that doesn’t just promise results; it delivers them while ensuring the process is as straightforward and tidy as possible.


  • Easy and precise application
  • Restores and protects plastic
  • Long-lasting and durable finish


  • Leaves a slippery residue post-application
carfidant car plastic restorer

Carfidant Car Plastic Restorer – Long-lasting

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The Carfidant Car Plastic Restorer is a game-changer for those seeking a cost-effective solution to restore their car’s faded plastic, rubber, or vinyl to a pristine, like-new state. This high-performance restorer works wonders by actively replenishing the original color and shine that can often be dulled over time by harsh weather conditions or regular wear and tear. This product is a quick fix and a restoration tool, meticulously reviving your vehicle’s aesthetics and making it visually appealing again.

Most notably, it’s the longevity of this restoration that sets it apart from other contenders. This car plastic restorer doesn’t just mask the imperfections, it deeply penetrates and revitalizes the surface, providing a long-lasting effect. You won’t have to worry about reapplying it every other week; one application promises an enduring solution to your car’s faded trim. Its non-greasy nature and easy application process make it a reliable pick, even for beginners.


  • Restores faded and streaky plastic
  • Resistant to weather and wear
  • Easy and quick application


  • May leave a sticky residue
cerakote car plastic restorer

CERAKOTE® Car Plastic Restorer – Quick application

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The CERAKOTE® Car Plastic Restorer empowers you to restore your car’s plastic trim to a deep, rich black that lasts. This Ceramic Coating, not simply a dressing, rejuvenates faded plastic and ensures a durable, long-lasting finish. Forget about the temporary fixes and go for this quick and easy-to-apply formula that guarantees results that endure over 200 washes.

This car plastic restorer doesn’t just enhance your car’s aesthetic; it protects it with a solid ceramic coating. With the swift stroke of an application, it converts worn-out trims into an elegant black finish. This product restores the trim and pledges to shield it from future wear and tear, holding onto its new-found shine for a long time.


  • Restores faded plastic to new
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Durable with long-lasting results


  • Difficult to avoid streaky appearance
followin car plastic restorer

FolloWin Ceramic Plastic Restorer for Cars – Best value

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Revitalize the look of your car’s plastic trims with the FolloWin Plastic Restorer. This restorer doesn’t just coat your car’s plastic trims; it breathes new life into them, reinstating their former glory while also providing a shield against water, UV rays, and dirt. Unlike many superficial dressings, this car plastic restorer imparts a highly concentrated, hydrophobic trim coating as a long-lasting protective layer.

Moreover, this restorer outperforms expectations by delivering a ceramic coating that fights the dulling and faded effects of time and weather on your car’s trims. It creates a protective barrier that preserves the integrity of your car’s plastic trims and extends their lifespan. The best part? This high-performing, 30ml restorer offers the best value for longevity performance. It transforms your car’s look and fortifies its plastic trims, proving it’s not just a restorer but a protector as well.


  • Long-lasting results
  • Restores original color
  • Resistant to water, UV rays, and dirt


  • Fades after 4 months
best car plastic restorer
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Best car plastic restorer buying guide

Looking to rejuvenate your car’s exterior plastic trims and parts? You’ll need the best car plastic restorer. This magic potion can restore faded and dull plastic parts back to their original glory! But with so many options on the market, how do you pick the right one? This buying guide will walk you through the key factors you need to consider when shopping for a top-quality car plastic restorer.


Any car plastic restorer can give your car a quick facelift, but the best ones deliver long-lasting results. Look for a restorer that promises durability and longevity. High-quality restorers will not wash away with rain or fade under the sun. Their effectiveness should extend beyond weeks, making your plastic parts shimmer even after several months. Instead of fixing quickly, choose a restorer that promises to protect and preserve.

UV protection

UV rays can cause severe damage to your car’s plastic parts, leading to fading and discoloration. For this reason, find a car plastic restorer with built-in UV protection. This feature acts as a shield, safeguarding your plastic parts against harmful sunlight. You can think of it as sunscreen for your car, keeping it looking sharp and fresh even under the harshest sun.

Ease of application

Restoring your car’s plastic should be straightforward, not daunting. Aim to find a car plastic restorer that simplifies this task. The best restorers come with a non-greasy formula that applies quickly, dries fast, and does not leave stains or streaks. Some even include applicators or towels in the package, making the application process easier. Remember, your goal is to enhance your car’s appearance, not to spend hours struggling with a complicated product.

Effectiveness on different plastics

Cars employ a vast range of plastic materials in their construction. Therefore, you need a versatile car plastic restorer. The best restorers work effectively on all types of plastics, from trim to grills and bumpers. You don’t want a product that only works on specific plastic types. Look for one that pledges compatibility and delivers exceptional results on all plastic surfaces.


Safety should never be compromised. Make sure the car plastic restorer you choose is safe to use. It should not contain toxic chemicals that could harm you or the environment. Top-quality restorers are typically non-toxic and eco-friendly. Not only will they revitalize your car’s appearance, but they also promise safety for you and the planet.


Lastly, consider the price. High-quality car plastic restorers don’t have to cost a fortune. While you don’t want to skimp on quality, you also don’t want to break the bank. Look for a restorer that combines quality with affordability. Remember, paying a little extra for a superior product can save you from frequent reapplications, which could end up costing more in the long run.


Finding the best car plastic restorer requires careful consideration of several factors. By focusing on longevity, UV protection, ease of application, effectiveness on different plastics, safety, and price, you can find a product that will revitalize your car’s plastic parts and keep them looking brand-new. So dive in, apply these tips, and get ready to witness your car gleaming like never before.

Common questions about car plastic restorers

What is a car plastic restorer?

A car plastic restorer is a product designed to revive and refresh the look of faded, scratched or discolored car plastics, making them look like new again.

How do I use a car plastic restorer?

To use a car plastic restorer, you typically need to first clean the plastic area, apply the restorer, and let it dry. However, instructions might vary based on the specific product.

Can I use the car plastic restorer on any plastic surface in my vehicle?

The car plastic restorer is primarily designed for external plastic parts such as bumpers, trim, and grills. However, some products might also be safe for interior plastics. Always check the product label.

Will the car plastic restorer damage my car’s paint?

Most car plastic restorers are designed to be safe on car paint. However, it’s highly recommended to avoid direct contact with paint and to wipe off any accidental spillages immediately.

How long does the effect of a car plastic restorer last?

The longevity of the results can vary based on the product. Some products offer protection for a few weeks, while others can last for several months.

What should I do if the car plastic restorer doesn’t work as expected?

If the product does not deliver the desired results, you may want to try applying another coat or leaving it on longer. If that doesn’t work, it may be best to contact the manufacturer for further guidance.

Do I need any special equipment to apply the car plastic restorer?

Most car plastic restorers can be applied using a simple microfiber cloth. Some might come with an applicator pad. Check the product instructions for any specific tools required.

Is there a specific temperature or weather condition for using the car plastic restorer?

For best results, apply the restorer in a cool, shaded area. Applying it under direct sunlight or high temperatures can cause it to dry too quickly, leading to uneven results.

Can I use car plastic restorer on my headlights?

It’s not recommended to use a car plastic restorer on your headlights unless it specifically states it’s safe to do so. There are specific products designed for restoring headlights.

Is it safe to get car plastic restorer on my hands?

While most car plastic restorers are non-toxic, it’s always a good idea to wear gloves during application to protect your skin.

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