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Thoughtful gifts for an office baby shower

You received the news a few months ago. Your office is adding a new junior associate. By that, you mean that one of your employees is expecting a baby.

Life can be tough for working parents, especially at first. They have to juggle responsibilities at work with those at home and the guilt that comes with being pulled in multiple directions. Rallying behind the parent-to-be can help them feel supported as they get set for this new chapter. An office baby shower is one way to show you care. If you don’t have kids or it’s been a while since you had a little one, you may not know what to get an expecting parent. These products will make their lives easier and more comfortable.

Being a working parent is a constant juggling act. Parents want to be all-in and work and at home, but sometimes it can feel like neither is true. Creating a supportive environment for working parents can help with satisfaction and retention and ease some guilt. Help your parent-to-be employee start the next chapter of their lives feeling cared for by throwing them an office baby shower. Practical gifts, like organizers, sanitizers, and mirrors, are on many new parents’ wish lists. A body pillow is also thoughtful and can help an expecting person sleep more soundly during those uncomfortable final few weeks of pregnancy. As great as gifts are, actions speak louder. Trying to be flexible and understanding as the person adjusts to their new role as a parent can go a long way in retaining a talented employee.

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3 best dusting cloths for tidying the office
Workers in an office setting

Whether you do the office cleaning yourself or you have pros come in and do it for you, there's no doubt you want results. Always keep in mind that a cleaner office can improve production results. It can also help in maintaining better employee health. If you have clients coming to your office to conduct business or to say hello, a cleaner office can impress them, too. With the best dusting tools at your disposal, you can get the results you're after. Let's take a look at the three best dusting cloths for tidying up the office.

1. Microfiber Cloths
When looking for the right cloth to tidy up your office, one of the best options is a microfiber cloth. You can use these cloths dry or wetted down. They are perfect for gathering up dust and dirt from desks, break room countertops, and other office surfaces. These soft cloths can keep in the dirt while not allowing it to escape into the air and scatter around your workspace. You have several size options to choose from. Having one you can handle in your hand to clean with is a good start. You want to have firm control of the cloth, so it stays in your hand while you're cleaning.

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Unique gift exchange ideas for the office party
serving platters office party man woman

Office gift exchanges can be intimidating at times - particularly if you're in a new position, or at a new company. While we all enjoy giving gifts, there's no denying that a certain amount of stress can accompany the gift shopping process. It can be hard to know what to get a coworker - harder still if the gift exchange is one where the recipient isn't set and the gift must be suitable for any coworker who happens to pick it during your party game of choice. We've put together this helpful guide of unexpected items that can fill a need, spark creativity, or simply make their day-to-day easier.

No matter who ends up taking home the gift you brought to the office gift exchange, you want to make sure it's something that they'll be happy to receive. Haven't we all come away from a work party or function with a prize or gift we weren't sure what to do with, only to donate or sell it later? We're confident that any of these gifts would be a great choice, from gadgets to entertain and spark creativity to more practical items that will help to make their lives outside of the office run more smoothly, you can be sure your contribution will be unique and appreciated.

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Useful items to have around the workplace
a modern office.

Is your office space in need of a fast-charging, durable USB charger capable of supporting standard and newer devices? Are you looking for simple ways to add lights and music to set the tone for your next company party or gathering? Keep the health and safety of employees in check with a high-quality forehead thermometer, and treat elbow pain with a comfortable, well-made muscle release wrap. Have a heavy-duty generator power cord on standby for potential power failures or work trips. Here are five great items to have around the workplace.

These items will be perfect additions to any workplace. They will ensure that devices remain fully charged, create the right ambiance for any social work setting, bring the health and safety of employees front and center, minimize pain, and provide power in unexpected situations. Not only will your workplace be equipped with products that are useful for daily tasks at the office, but they will aid in entertainment for work gatherings and have you prepared should a power emergency arise.

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