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Thoughtful gifts for an office baby shower

You received the news a few months ago. Your office is adding a new junior associate. By that, you mean that one of your employees is expecting a baby.

Life can be tough for working parents, especially at first. They have to juggle responsibilities at work with those at home and the guilt that comes with being pulled in multiple directions. Rallying behind the parent-to-be can help them feel supported as they get set for this new chapter. An office baby shower is one way to show you care. If you don’t have kids or it’s been a while since you had a little one, you may not know what to get an expecting parent. These products will make their lives easier and more comfortable.

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Being a working parent is a constant juggling act. Parents want to be all-in and work and at home, but sometimes it can feel like neither is true. Creating a supportive environment for working parents can help with satisfaction and retention and ease some guilt. Help your parent-to-be employee start the next chapter of their lives feeling cared for by throwing them an office baby shower. Practical gifts, like organizers, sanitizers, and mirrors, are on many new parents’ wish lists. A body pillow is also thoughtful and can help an expecting person sleep more soundly during those uncomfortable final few weeks of pregnancy. As great as gifts are, actions speak louder. Trying to be flexible and understanding as the person adjusts to their new role as a parent can go a long way in retaining a talented employee.

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One of the most rewarding parts of being a boss is watching your staff grow both on the job and outside of work. Though you likely try not to meddle in your employees’ personal lives, it’s exciting to learn one is engaged.
Whether you scored an invite to the wedding or not, sending a gift is a thoughtful gesture. You want to walk the line between finding something special that isn’t too personal. Household items make for safe choices. The employee will likely put them to good use as they start this exciting new chapter in their lives. Here are five gift ideas for bosses to send a newlywed employee.

If wedding bells are ringing for one of your employees, you may want to give a gift, even if you weren’t invited to the wedding. It shows you support your employee outside of the office and will put a smile on their face. Household items are good choices. They’re useful, beautiful, and not overly personalized (You don’t want to make the person feel awkward). Wooden wine crates and lazy Susans will come in handy for entertaining, and fine China storage containers will help the employee keep some of the more expensive items on their registry safe. Kettles are perfect for morning coffee and afternoon tea, and bamboo wedge pillows will ensure they remember to put their feet up every now and then.

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Stocking up for the company’s kitchen-style break room
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In many offices, employees are looking to upgrade their lunch hour even on the days where they eat at work. That's why stocking up on a few kitchen-style items can make a big difference in helping them feel more comfortable and appreciated. It doesn't take much money or room to make the break room a little more user friendly.

A paper towel holder might seem like a little thing, but it makes the break room feel more like a kitchen or dining area, allowing staffers to feel more at home and more able to feel free to bring in food choices that they would consider at home. The same goes for a cutting board, so they can cut up their fresh fruits and vegetables. The productivity and the employee morale can turn for the better with a few break room upgrades.

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5 Products For an Employee Who Could Use a Little Self-Care
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Life happens. As a business owner, you may learn of an employee who had a death in the family or is caring for a chronically ill loved one. Perhaps someone in the office has been burning the midnight oil, and it’s starting to show in their face and even mood.
You may want to remind them of the importance of self-care. Actions can speak louder than words, though. Putting together a self-care basket with products can be a sweet way to show you know they have a ton on their plates and want them to be kind to themselves. These items make the perfect addition to office self-care kits.

Employees go through highs and lows at work and in their personal lives. It is essential to support them through that and see them as people, not simply staff. When employees feel cared about, they are more looking to stay through tough times. Providing self-care baskets with face masks, bath bombs, and foot-pampering products can be a way to show you support them. As nice as these baskets and products are, it’s also essential to treat people with respect and be mindful of their time. Avoid off-hours texts and emails for non-emergencies, and encourage people to use their paid time off if it’s available to them.

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