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Thoughtful gifts for an office baby shower

You received the news a few months ago. Your office is adding a new junior associate. By that, you mean that one of your employees is expecting a baby.

Life can be tough for working parents, especially at first. They have to juggle responsibilities at work with those at home and the guilt that comes with being pulled in multiple directions. Rallying behind the parent-to-be can help them feel supported as they get set for this new chapter. An office baby shower is one way to show you care. If you don’t have kids or it’s been a while since you had a little one, you may not know what to get an expecting parent. These products will make their lives easier and more comfortable.

Being a working parent is a constant juggling act. Parents want to be all-in and work and at home, but sometimes it can feel like neither is true. Creating a supportive environment for working parents can help with satisfaction and retention and ease some guilt. Help your parent-to-be employee start the next chapter of their lives feeling cared for by throwing them an office baby shower. Practical gifts, like organizers, sanitizers, and mirrors, are on many new parents’ wish lists. A body pillow is also thoughtful and can help an expecting person sleep more soundly during those uncomfortable final few weeks of pregnancy. As great as gifts are, actions speak louder. Trying to be flexible and understanding as the person adjusts to their new role as a parent can go a long way in retaining a talented employee.

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