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3 best dusting cloths for tidying the office

Whether you do the office cleaning yourself or you have pros come in and do it for you, there’s no doubt you want results. Always keep in mind that a cleaner office can improve production results. It can also help in maintaining better employee health. If you have clients coming to your office to conduct business or to say hello, a cleaner office can impress them, too. With the best dusting tools at your disposal, you can get the results you’re after. Let’s take a look at the three best dusting cloths for tidying up the office.
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1. Microfiber Cloths

When looking for the right cloth to tidy up your office, one of the best options is a microfiber cloth. You can use these cloths dry or wetted down. They are perfect for gathering up dust and dirt from desks, break room countertops, and other office surfaces. These soft cloths can keep in the dirt while not allowing it to escape into the air and scatter around your workspace. You have several size options to choose from. Having one you can handle in your hand to clean with is a good start. You want to have firm control of the cloth, so it stays in your hand while you’re cleaning.

If you have a big area to take care of, such as a large office desk or conference table, opt for a larger cloth to gather dust particles and dirt. With smaller surfaces like computer screens, keyboards, lamps, and phones, a more modest-sized cloth will do the job.
When it comes to cleaning microfiber cloths, you can do so in the washing machine. Cleaning them in this manner fully removes dirt, dust, and even stains. However, if you don’t want to clean your microfiber cloths, be sure to move on to a new one when it’s time. You’ll know when it’s time as there will simply be too much dirt and debris to take off, and it may begin to come apart in places. A final note on microfiber cloths: They are an eco-friendly choice that you can several times.
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2. Standard cotton cloths

Another dusting tool is the standard cotton cloth. These cloths help you clean an array of surfaces in the workplace, such as desks, tables, lamps, and office supplies that sit on surfaces. Example areas that you can wipe down with cotton cloths include coffee tables and magazines or books that live on them.
Cotton cloths not only remove debris, dirt, and dust, but they are also handy for picking up moisture. Use them to wipe up spilled drinks or moisture from cups and glasses that get onto desks, tables, and other services. With cotton cloths, you can give your office surface a clean and polished look. 

3. Disinfectant wipes

Along with microfiber and cotton cloths, a third option for dusting the workplace is disinfectant wipes. Not costly, these wipes are ideal for cleaning a myriad of surfaces and items in the workplace. Along with desks and tables, use the wipes on staplers, picture frames, phones, penholders, and more.  These wipes not only clean surfaces, but they also disinfect, which makes them one of the best dusting tools to use on items that people touch often, such as door handles, handrails, and break room items like the refrigerator door and cupboard handles. When you’re done cleaning, you simply dispose of the wipes. 

Buying dusting cloths for a cleaner office environment

If you’re in charge of the office cleaning or supplying others who do so, you can buy dusting cloths at your local supermarket or online. For office supplies, your best bet is to buy in bulk, so you have enough dusting supplies to last for several months at a time. There are various brands available of all the best dusting tools, including microfiber cloths, cotton cloths, and disinfectant wipes. Shop around to see what works best in your workplace.
Given the amount of time you and your employees spend in the office, keeping it clean should be a top priority, so make dusting and tidying up a weekly task that everyone can contribute to. With regular dusting and other forms of cleaning, you can help cut down on office allergens, dirt, and more.

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