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How to clean and disinfect an office yourself

When you arrive at the office, you want to be in a productive state of mind. Having a workspace that’s clean and tidy can contribute to that mind-frame. However, it’s not just how you perceive your office. It’s the way customers and clients may view it. Do you really believe someone’s going to walk into a filthy, cluttered space and be comfortable plopping down a hefty sum? Of course not.

That’s why you should schedule a weekly, in-depth office cleaning that gets into the nooks and crannies, where cobwebs have no place to hide. (And, of course, your late-night security guard won’t ever get eaten alive by Cobs. But, we digress.) Moreover, your office kitchen and bathrooms will get that porcelain sparkle that says you truly care about cleanliness.

With that said, you don’t want to just leave everything to a professional office cleaning service. In the days between deep cleanings, you should attempt to keep things as clean as time permits. In the article that follows, we’ll let you in on how to clean an office without going overboard.

Cleaners clean empty office space

Purge, sort, and clear your office space

Have a little downtime? Great. Grab a recycling bin and start scanning your office for all recyclables that haven’t already been dumped in the proper container. Purge the office of all old file folders, beat-up binders, paper clips, rubber bands, and other old office supplies that aren’t being used. Sure, it might not be a lot since you’re regularly keeping things clean, but these things add up! Don’t forget to shred any paperwork you’re dumping first.

Next, grab the trash can and get busy. Did anyone leave soft drinks or wrappings from fast food lying on their desks? Get rid of it. Anything you know is trash, just grab it and chunk it. By the end of your sweep, your work area ought to be clear. If you’re really into the cleaning mood, pick up a dust rag and a disinfectant spray. Then wipe off the desks and décor before you head home for the night (and ignore the strange looks you may get from any remaining peers).

Find everything a home

Before the actual cleaning staff come through on their scheduled day, you should help them out a bit by finding a home for everything. Declutter the entire space. The best way to find a home for everything is when the place is already clean. Scan the area and look at all the types of furniture that can contain things. Remember, desks have drawers, and filing cabinets do, too. There may be bookcases, shelves dedicated to specific items, and more. Pay attention to where things go. By ensuring everything has a home, you won’t have to worry about the cleaning staff accidentally throwing something important away.

Develop a filing system

You can also ensure that your office is clutter-free by filing everything that needs to be filed. All that paperwork stuffed into a box over in the corner? Get it all organized and properly filed away. Never let paper come across your desk without throwing it away afterward or filing it. Never just let paperwork sit.

Throw out your collection of business cards

Are you still using business cards? Really? Well, there are times and places where they are still helpful to a degree. However, you should probably keep in mind that company websites have primarily taken their place. Does someone want to know something about you? Instead of giving them a business card, give them your URL. It works just as well.

With that said, spend some time grabbing relevant information off your business card collection and then toss that pile into the recycle bin with extreme prejudice.

Take your clothes home

It may sound strange, but many people who work in offices end up leaving various bits of clothing behind. They get draped across the backs of chairs. Sometimes they accumulate on hat racks or wall hooks. The point is that things like hats, scarves, gloves, sweaters, and jackets get left at the office far too often. It’s time to sift through all of those bits of clothing and take home what’s yours. Tossing it in the laundry is probably a good idea.

Woman considering what needs to be cleaned

Do a daily scan

As previously suggested, a cluttered office is the playground of an unproductive mind. Make sure you have the best environment possible to get accomplished that which needs accomplishing. Take just 15 minutes or so and scan your workspace. File anything that you should file, and put things back where they belong.

You may be surprised how your clean habits rub off on your co-workers, who may slouch a bit on the “let’s keep the office tidy” front. Moreover, a clean office can change your mood. Many people feel more energized and ready to tackle the day when they aren’t besieged by clutter.

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