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How your cleaning service can get repeat customers fast

To grow your company, you’re going to need repeat customers. There are a few different ways to attract and acquire customers. However, it will be hard to grow your company if you only get a customer one time, and that individual never purchases from you again. As the famous marketer Jay Abraham is fond of pointing out, there are only three ways to increase revenue and grow your business:

  • Increase the number of people who buy from you
  • Increase the number of times people buy from you
  • Increase your prices

With the above in mind, you need to put a plan in place to retain customers from the very beginning. Remember that if you have repeat clients who buy from you over and over again, you don’t have to engage in a constant search for new customers. In the following article, we’re going to break down how to get cleaning clients fast and the best way to advertise a cleaning business. Let’s get started.

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You need a marketing plan

If you don’t have a marketing plan that’s written, you’re making a big mistake. Without one, you lose out on benefits like ensuring that you have a clear picture of your market, your competitors, and the tactics and strategies they’re engaging in. You also miss out on gaining key insights into the political, social, economic, and legal issues that can affect your customer outreach.

You need a way to integrate short and long-term strategies that will increase your cleaning service’s visibility, attract customers, and convert them into people who will use your service repeatedly.

After saying all that, sometimes your cleaning service needs a quick infusion of cash. Here are some ways to do that.

How to get clients for a cleaning business

You may have wondered how to advertise a cleaning business. After all, as stated previously, you have to be able to attract and acquire customers if you want your cleaning service to flourish. Remember, though, that getting new clients is costly and effort-intensive. In contrast, maintaining the customers you have is less expensive in terms of time and money. Some of the best ways to keep customers coming back are the following:

Offer cleaning packages

By packaging several different cleaning services together, you can give current customers reasons to come back. You can provide service A, then service B and then C in such a way that they’re spread out over time. Doing this provides you with the opportunity to regularly interact with the client. As long as you provide outstanding customer service, the chances that they’ll come back to you when the package is finished dramatically increase.

Offer surprise bonuses

Most of the time, when someone pays for a service, they expect to receive that specific service and nothing more. However, if you’re willing to go above and beyond, and something a little extra that your competitors cannot do or will not do, it can help set you apart. Moreover, if the surprise bonus you offer really provides more value, your customers are going to think about you the next time they need the service they originally purchased.

Remind your customers you exist

You may be dismayed to discover that many customers don’t give you or your business a second thought if they don’t need what you offer “right now.” However, that’s the truth. Therefore, if you want to stay top of mind, you must remind your customers that you exist. Just remember that your customers may appreciate you touching base with them every few months but won’t like it much if you’re spamming them with emails or phone calls every week. Think about the businesses you purchase from and admire. How often do they get in touch with you?

Make sure your customer service is world-class

Most people appreciate having a real person to speak with when something isn’t right with the service they’ve ordered. Make sure that person is engaging and pleasant on the phone (or online chat). Customer service is an area of your business that allows you to shine and “outdo” the competition. Remember that you can have the most fantastic service in the world, but people don’t like going back to companies where they have to go through an automated call tree or where the company representative acts like they couldn’t care less about the customer in question. Friendly, personalized, and efficient service should be the rule, not the exception.

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Don’t take your customers for granted

Remember that you should never take your customers for granted. It’s not a given that they’ll return to give you their business. Moreover, even when some customers go, never to return, they don’t communicate their reasons why. That means you must do your utmost from the very beginning to provide your service in such a way that your customers have the best experience possible.

Stay in touch with your customers. Follow up with them. Ask them where you can improve and genuinely listen. Make it easy for your customers to contact you. Do these things, and you’ll go a long way toward turning a one-time customer into a fan for life.

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