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Helpful tips for staying warm in a cold office

If you’ve ever worked in a communal office, you know just how cold they can get. It can be hard for everyone to decide on an ideal temperature, but when you start to feel like you’re in the Antarctic, you have to take matters into your own hands.

Focusing on the cold can take away your focus and hinder your productivity. You don’t want to upset anyone by touching the thermostat, but the shaking and chattering has to stop. If available, a space heater is a great option to warm yourself up without bothering those around you. Your next best option is to bundle up.

Cold offices are no longer a worry when you can dress the part. You deserve to feel comfortable in your workspace without sacrificing anyone else’s comfort. Along with these helpful 5 pieces of clothing, you could try mittens, layers, or thermals.

If the weather doesn’t match the cold interior of your office, easily pack your essentials in your work bag or leave them at the office for convenience. No matter the season, you’ll be at ease in your workspace.

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