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Best caulk guns for DIYers and pros

Caulk guns are tools anyone can use. Whether you’re a professional builder with a contractor’s license or a homeowner with a strong need to DIY, you’ll need a good caulking gun at some point. Even if you’re not doing home repair or renovation, a caulk gun has multiple uses. Most people use caulking guns to fill in small cracks, seal fixtures and appliances, or adhere certain objects to surfaces. The surfaces you caulk on vary by type of sealant or adhesive. This means you’ll need different types of caulk guns. Choosing a caulking gun can be simple, especially if you know the best ones available for your specific needs. Learn more about what to consider so you can pick the best caulking gun.

Choosing a caulk gun

Before listing the best caulking gun overall, let’s examine why you need one in the first place. If you’re doing home projects, your needs can be very different from those of professional builders. Let’s look at some of the most common things to consider when choosing a caulk gun.

  • 10-ounce caulking gun – most common, found at hardware stores, filled with silicone
  • 28-ounce caulking gun – larger capacity, standard size for pros, filled with adhesives
  • sausage caulking gun – for higher-end product distribution, waterproofing, reusable tip

These are the most common types of caulking guns and each serves different purposes. Larger sizes are ideal for industry professionals or experienced DIYers. Let’s break down the best caulking guns for each type of use.

Homeowner using caulking gun on windowsill

Best caulking guns for DIYers

When doing a home project yourself, your priorities are likely to be ease of use, versatility, and cost. The following caulking guns are best for DIYers.

Best overall

You’ll find affordability, durability, and convenience with the Newborn 930-GTD. Although this gun isn’t ideal for use with extra-thick material, its sturdy steel easily supports light to medium viscosity materials. Other caulking guns are plastic, making them less reliable. You’ll also find a convenient spout cutter and anti-drip piece that helps prevent drips and wasted product. The cutter simplifies product dispersal, too. And the ergonomic rubber handle means you can hold it longer without your hands cramping up.

Best budget

Now you may care more about a quick-fix, affordable solution. If so, the Red Devil 3936 caulk gun is for you. This dripless caulk gun comes with a seal punch, ladder hook, and spout cutter (like higher-end models). What it lacks in durability, it makes up for in versatility. This caulking gun is compatible with 8 to 11-ounce tubes for light to medium viscosity materials. That means you can work on many quick-fix projects at home or in the office.

Best sausage

If you want a high-capacity product, choose the Newborn sausage pack caulk gun. It’s ideal for DIY projects because it accepts both sausage and traditional cartridges. You’ll find this device good for heavy-duty construction projects, such as tiling entire rooms. Its 24-ounce capacity solves the need for constant cartridge replacement, too. With three nozzle cones included, it covers unexpected nozzle breaks. And you’ll have backups to prevent your caulking material from drying out. The only downside to this product is its cost, which runs on the higher side.

Best high-end

If you want the best of the best caulking gun for DIY use, look no further than the Newborn 820AL. Although it’s pricy, you really get what you pay for in quality and use. This caulking gun offers comfort and versatility and accepts sausage or cartridge packs. It also comes with ergonomic rubber grips for solid grabbing. A nice plus is the oversized ladder hook for easy hanging on a ladder or belt. The heat-treated rod also keeps up a steady thrust ratio at 22:1, meaning your material exits the nozzle at a consistent pace.

Best caulking guns for pro builders

Professional builders and general contractors often need more than DIY projects require. They need caulking guns that offer versatility and convenience in multiple areas. Their priorities move beyond ergonomic grips into thrust ratio and more.

Best overall

The best overall caulking guns for pros are Albion caulk guns. These tools come with valuable features like the 1/10 Gallon Smooth Rod Cartridge Gun with a 12:1 mechanical advantage drive. You get full-sized handles for comfort and efficiency. The half-cradle carriage holds cartridges and rotates for convenience. And the built-in cartridge puncture wire and ladder hook pull simplify cartridge replacement and any standard material uses.

Best budget

Not every professional builder starts with a high budget for work site supplies. Sometimes, the best caulking gun is the one you can afford. Of course, you still need something you can rely on to get the job done. The HDX 29-ounce heavy-duty model with a 13:1 thrust ratio is perfect for standard material application. Its rotating cradle barrel makes for easy install and removal of cartridges. With a heavy-duty metal barrel, handle, rod, and plate and treated with a premium finish, you’ll find the durability needed for pro work.

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