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3 different types of folders every office needs

Having an efficient office to run your business from is essential. Not only do you need the right people working for you, but you need the right resources to keep things organized. And if you keep hard copies of paperwork, the right file folders are crucial.

While organizing your office, you need to have different types of file folders to help you and your employees be more productive. Take a look at the three types of folders every office needs and decide which ones will help keep your office the most organized.

Individual going through files

1. Basic file folders

These are the types of folders that most people think of when someone says “file folder.” They are the most recognizable ones used in business offices and home offices. This style could even be considered the “workhorse” of office folders. They are 8.5 by 11 inches and have a 1/3-cut tab on one edge. The tabs are in the center, left, or right, and you can choose which tab works best for you while filing. Use a pen or print out labels to put on the tabs to keep the files organized.

Many basic file folders are manila, though you can have fun and get creative and use multicolored options, such as pink, yellow, red, and blue. Using an array of colors helps you organize different types of paperwork. You can purchase basic file folders in packs of as many as 100. Short of files getting wet or some unusual damage, they are durable and can last you many years when cared for properly.

2. Hanging file folders

These types of folders fit best in file cabinets or desk drawers built for such folders. They are easier to maneuver through while hanging on the metal holders and you can put basic file folders in them, grouping certain docs within each hanging file folder.

Hanging file folders are often available in a dark green color, but you can find them in a variety of other colors, too. They are 8.5 by 11 inches or legal size, which is 11 by 14 inches. These folders feature plastic tabs with blank paper inserts to write on for file organization. You can buy them in boxes of 25 or 50. Like the basic file folders, keeping them cared for makes them last longer.

3. Straight-cut file folders

Straight-cut file folders are as durable as the other folder choices. Given their long length across the top for labeling, you have more room to label these folders than the 1/3-cut tabbed ones and plastic tabbed ones.

They are 8.5 by 11 in size, fitting most office paperwork, such as order forms, financial documents, office receipts, and more. You can keep your order amounts down by buying straight-cut file folders in bulk amounts of 100 to last you a while. Much like other folders, you can recycle these when they are no longer of use. The standard for these folders is manila, but other colors are also available, such as purple, blue, and red.

A folder of office policies

Proper care for your files is essential

It’s important that you take good care of your company files, especially if you won’t be transferring them into an electronic format, such as the cloud. Taking care of your files means having them in a secure place and only allowing certain employees access who need it.

Keep your file folders in a cabinet that is both waterproof and fireproof, as there’s always a possibility your office could suffer water damage from a storm or burst pipe or a fire could break out. Either of those situations could damage your folders and the important paperwork within them beyond saving. The other way to care for your files and documents is to keep them secure.

Once in file folders, the paperwork should be in a secure file cabinet or desk. Use file cabinet locks or an external lock on desk files to secure documents. And only allow those who need it, access. For example, the person in charge of human resources is the one who needs access to folders involving employee data, payment details, and benefits information.

Different types of files and folders

With the right types of folders in place to file away all your hard-copy documents, from finances to policies and more, you can have an efficient and easy-to-use filing system for your paperwork. When it comes to your important company papers, choose the right types of files and folders for the best office organization.

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