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GearIT Extension Cord Review

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If you’ve got serious yard work to do, don’t let rain, sleet, or snow stop you. The GearIT extension cord is a rugged companion that promises to get the job done both indoors and outdoors. This 100-foot power solution has the versatility for a variety of uses—whether you need to charge heavy-duty power tools or household amenities like space heaters, this cord delivers.

This cord is a heavy-duty, all-weather cord perfect for job sites, homes, and offices. With exceptional build quality and safety features such as built-in strain relief and an LED indicator, this cord makes for an excellent choice. Plus, the pure copper wire comes in a flexible, protective outer jacket to steel it against the elements. If you’re looking for a reliable power solution, then read on as we unravel what exactly makes the GearIT extension cord a standout choice.

GearIT Extension Cord

GearIT Extension Cord

Challenge the elements with the GearIT extension cord. This all-weather cord suits a myriad of environments, including job sites, warehouses, homes, and offices. It even withstands adverse weather conditions like rain, sleet, and snow. Whether you need to power heavy-duty tools or household items, this versatile cord is up to the task.

Boasting exceptional quality, the cord is features a 14 gauge heavy-duty pure copper wire to ensure efficient power conduction for all your needs. Molded connector plugs with built-in strain relief ensure the cord won’t fray and fail, and the cord’s well-earned SJEOW rating demonstrates its hardiness against temperature extremes.


  • Excellent quality and durability
  • Suitable for extreme outdoor conditions
  • Features lighted LED plugs for easy visibility


  • Performance lessens in winter weather

From the manufacturer

  • NEMA 3-prong connector
  • 300 VAC rating
  • Conducts up to 13 amps of electricity
  • SJEOW rated cord
  • Oil and weather resistant outer jacket
  • Meets UL and CUL safety requirements

Costumer Review

Customers agree that the GearIT Extension Cord efficiently and effectively conducts power where they need it most. One online reviewer wrote: “I bought so I would have the length, wattage, volts for my electric garden tiller. It worked so well for my needs … Really am impressed with the extension cord.”

Other products from the brand

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A handyman’s guide to extension cords

Whether you’re a professional contractor or a particularly crafty homeowner,  a reliable extension cord is an indispensable tool that helps you make the most of your favorite power tools. With the right extension cord, you can be more flexible and efficient as you work around your home or job site.

However, with so many extension cords available today, you may find yourself tangled up in indecision. By carefully evaluating the features that make for a superb extension cord, you can select the choice that best suits your specific needs. Remember, the best extension cord isn’t necessarily the priciest or the longest, but the one that perfectly matches your requirements, offering you the best value for your money.

Unraveling what makes a good extension cord


Make sure you select an extension cord that will fit between the distance of your power outlet and workspace. Many options range in lengths up to 100 feet, making them great for most applications.

Cord gauge

Also consider the cord’s gauge, which measures the thickness of the wire inside. The higher the gauge, the thinner the wire – choose according to the power demands of your devices. If your devices require a lot of power, choose a thin wire that easily conducts large amounts of electricity. However, a thicker wire loses less power across further distances, so opt for a greater gauge if you need to make the most of your cord’s length.

Durability and safety features

Choose a cord that uses high-quality materials, as this will ensure your investment lasts a long time. Some options feature a vinyl jacket that protects against moisture, dust, and sunlight. A certification from a third party, like Underwriters Laboratories (or UL), also helps signify the resilience of a power cord.

Power rating

An extension cord’s power rating signifies how much power it can handle. Always ensure the total wattage of all connected devices does not exceed the cord’s power rating to avoid overheating or other potential hazards. For example, an extension cord with a rating of 13 amps can safely conduct up to 13 amps of electricity at a time.

People Also Ask

What materials are extension cords made from?

Most extension cords are made from high-conductivity copper wire, covered in a flexible, durable PVC jacket for protection and long-lasting use.

How do I use an extension cord properly?

To use an extension cord, simply plug the female end of the cord into your device’s power plug, then plug the male end into an electrical outlet. Make sure the cord is fully inserted to ensure a secure connection.

How long are most extension cords?

Extension cords come in a variety of lengths, allowing you to choose the perfect size for your needs. Generally, they’re available in sizes ranging from 1ft to 100ft.

Can I use an extension cord outdoors?

You may want to check your specific model, but many are specifically engineered to withstand the outdoor elements.

Is it safe to connect multiple devices to an extension cord?

Unless you have chosen an extension cord with multiple heads or a power strip, we advise against connecting multiple devices, as the overload could create a potential fire hazard.

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