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The Best DMX Cable of 2024

Lighting technician installing professional lighting equipment for concert stage , installation with led lights and projectors
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Cable management is an important part of stage performances. While XLR cables are best for audio equipment, DMX cables are used for lighting. If you’re setting up lights for a performance, you’ll want to have plenty of DMX cables available. Here are the best stage lighting cables available online for quick delivery, starting with 300 FT GearIT DMX Cables

Comparing the Best DMX Light Cables of 2024

GearIT DMX Stage Lighting Bulk Cable– Best Overall

GearIT DMX Stage Lighting Bulk Cable

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The GearIT DMX Stage Lighting Bulk Cable is perfect for professionals. This power-packed cable effortlessly transmits DMX control signals and AES digital audio over 300 feet, enabling seamless connectivity for your DMX controllers, lights, fog machines, and AES audio devices.

Redefine flexibility by tailoring this 300-foot DMX/AES cable to your exact needs. Bypass the limitations of off-the-shelf cable lengths and sidestep the inconvenience of chaining multiple cables or dealing with excess wire. Simply use the 3-pin XLR connectors to achieve a custom-fit connectivity solution for your stage lights and effects. This stage lighting cable’s ease of use and seamless connectivity make this our best overall option.

Key Features

  • 300 ft. DMX and AES/EBU Bulk Cable
  • Compatible with 3-pin XLR connectors
  • Customizable cable length
  • Supports DMX control over long distances
  • Suitable for AES digital audio transfer
  • Built with 22 AWG gauge wire
  • Contains 100% oxygen-free copper


  • Seamless connectivity
  • 300 foot long cable
  • Easy to use


  • Length may be difficult to manage

Cable Matters 2-Pack Stage Light DMX Cable – Easiest to Manage

Cable Matters 2-Pack Stage Light DMX Cable

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The Cable Matters 2-Pack Stage Light DMX Cable revolutionizes your stage lighting setup by offering a substantial boost in the quality of DMX connection. The cable boasts a solid, reliable construction, showcasing its durability by withstanding heavy-duty usage while continuing to deliver top-notch performance. The 3-Pin XLR connector ensures secure and hassle-free connections, making setup and take-downs efficient and effortless.

What sets this stage lighting cable apart is its easy-to-identify feature. Each cable comes with a distinct identifier, enabling you to quickly and easily organize your setup. Not only does this save you time, but it also reduces stress during fast-paced, high-pressure events. Plus, with an impressive length of 25 ft/ 7.6m, it provides ample reach for large stage setups.

Key Features

  • Designed for stage lighting control
  • Suitable for large performance venues
  • 3 pin male to female DMX cable
  • Additional shielding for signal transmission
  • Compatible with industry-standard equipment
  • Functions as an XLR and microphone cable
  • Comes in a cost-effective 2-pack


  • High-quality DMX connections
  • 25′ long for extensive coverage
  • Glow strip for easy locating


  • Connector may come loose

JLPOW Flexible DMX Cable – Highest Quality DMX Cable

JLPOW Flexible DMX Cable

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The Pyle Handheld Microphone boasts an ultra-wide frequency response, ensuring a warm, bassy sound that resonates with clarity and depth. The high signal output specifically amplifies vocals and singing, making it an ideal choice for musicians and performers.

This vocal stage microphone goes beyond delivering great sound. It endures too, thanks to its rugged construction and steel mesh grill, which allows it to withstand the rigors of live performances. The built-in acoustic pop filter and integrated low-noise circuitry work in harmony to filter out unwanted noise, ensuring the focus remains on your vocals. The inclusion of a 15ft XLR to 1/4” audio connection cable adds to its convenience and stage-readiness.

Key Features

  • Cardioid pickup pattern for clear source capture
  • Built-in acoustic pop filter
  • Ultra-wide frequency response system
  • 15 ft XLR-to-1/4 cable included
  • All-metal construction with zinc die-cast case
  • Steel mesh windscreen with anti-dent ring
  • Requires mono/stereo adapter for stereo ports


  • Delivers clear, high-quality sound
  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Comes with a decent quality cable


  • Sizzles on high-end

EBXYA XLR Microphone Cable 2 Pack – Most Compatible

EBXYA XLR Microphone Cable 2 Pack

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EBXYA XLR Microphone Cable 2 Pack is a balanced DMX cable set that caters to various audio needs, acting as a bridge for speakers, mixers, and stage lighting. It boasts of 3-pin male-to-female microphone cable mic patch cords that marry reliability with superior sound quality.

Crafted to withstand rigorous use, this cable kit ensures long-lasting durability, guaranteeing you get your money’s worth. The robust soldering connections enhance the stability of signal transmission, while the metal connectors with strong strain relief ensure solid connection and ease of plugging and unplugging. It integrates seamlessly into your current setup, whether it’s mixing consoles, DMX stage lights, microphones, audio, mixing boards, patch bays, preamps, speaker systems, stage lighting, or any other need you may have.

Key Features

  • Balanced and shielded XLR microphone cable
  • 95% noise and RF interference reduction
  • Supports transportation of data and audio signals
  • PE coated jacket with metal connectors
  • High quality internal soldering connections
  • Compatible with musical instruments with XLR input & output
  • Suitable for use with DMX stage lights and mixing consoles


  • High-quality audio with no noise
  • Durable in stationary locations
  • Comes with extra accessories


  • May cause imbalance for AMPs

Neewer 8 Pack XLR Stage Light Cables – Best Value

Neewer 8 Pack XLR Stage Light Cables

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Neewer 8 Pack XLR Stage Light Cables champion the fusion of exceptional quality and affordability. These cables, with their robust 3 Pin Signal XLR male-to-female connection, promise seamless connectivity for your moving headlight, par light, or spotlight. Their durability rivals high-end brands, yet their price tag doesn’t bite your wallet. These cables deliver superior performance without compromising on quality, making them a feasible alternative to pricier options.

They provide an uninterrupted flow of power, seamlessly connecting your lights to the source and ensuring a perfect light show every time. These stage lighting cables maintain a steady current flow to keep your lights shining bright.

Key Features

  • Pack of 8, each measuring 6.5 feet/2 meters
  • Features XLR Stage Light Cables
  • 3-Pin Signal XLR Male to Female Connection
  • Designed to prevent transmission interferences
  • Compatible with various stage lighting devices
  • Connectivity via XLR input and output
  • Package includes cables only


  • High-quality and durable build
  • Excellent connectivity with DMX units
  • More affordable than rival products


  • Not as rugged as industrial cables
Lighting technician installing professional lighting equipment for concert stage , installation with led lights and projectors
batuhan toker / Getty

How to Pick the Best DMX Cable for Stage Lights

Stage lighting is an essential component of any theatrical event, concert, or live performance. It sets the mood, highlights the actors, and enhances the overall viewing experience. However, stage lighting will only be effective with the right cable system. This guide will walk you through the key elements to consider when buying the best stage lighting cable.

Quality of Material

Opt for cables crafted from thick and sturdy materials like copper or aluminum alloy, as these can withstand regular use and high power requirements of stage lights without compromising performance.

Length and Flexibility

You don’t want to be short of cable in the middle of setup. Assess the size of your stage and the distance between lighting fixtures and power sources before buying. Look for cables that offer flexibility without loss of signal quality. A flexible cable adjusts smoothly to unique stage layouts, corners, and heights, ensuring a neat and seamless setup.

Connector Type

Not all cables fit all lighting fixtures. Your stage lighting cable must have the right connectors to work with your existing light fixtures. Common connector types include XLR, DMX, and Edison. Make sure to verify the connector specifications of your lighting fixtures before purchasing the cable to ensure compatibility, preventing any last-minute surprises.

Cable Rating

A cable rating refers to the maximum amount of electricity a cable can safely carry. In the case of stage lighting, cables often need to handle high power loads. A cable with a higher rating ensures that it doesn’t overheat or cause a short circuit under extreme use. Always check the cable rating before buying it, ensuring it matches the power requirements of your stage lighting setup.

Insulation and Sheathing

A stage lighting cable experiences a lot of wear and tear. It’s dragged around, stepped on, and exposed to various elements. For this reason, it’s important to choose a cable with high-quality insulation and sheathing. This protects the conductor material from any physical damage, enhances its lifespan, and also offers protection against electrical shock.

People Also Ask

What types of stage lighting cables are there?

There is really only one type of cable for lighting: DMX cables. These cables transmit higher impedance (110 ohms) than XLR cables. Technically, you can use XLR, but it may lead to flickering lights.

What is the appropriate way to store lighting cables?

When not in use, you should coil the cables neatly to prevent tangling and potential damage. Store them in a cool, dry place away from any potential sources of damage, such as water, heat, or heavy objects.

How long does a stage lighting cable typically last?

When using stage lighting cables, you should ensure they are properly insulated and not frayed or damaged. Avoid overloading the cables and always unplug them when they’re not in use. Also, keep the cables away from water or damp areas to prevent electric shocks or short circuits.

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