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The best cable concealers to keep wires organized

You might need a cable solution for your apartment or office you’re renting. So what do you do if you can’t anchor or glue your cable concealers into place? You need a temporary situation using adhesives. We have the right options for you.

Cable concealers need to fit a variety of needs. First, they need to blend into the background so they don’t distract you. They have to be highly customizable to fit every possible cable situation you may have. This includes some products being made from high-grade PVC, which means you can cut them to size or paint them to match your walls. Finally, you need a cable concealer that’s going to stand the test of time. You don’t want to spend a couple of hours setting up these cable covers and then find they pop off or fall a couple of days later.

Cord Cover Raceway Kit

Best Cable Concealer

Delamu’s cord covers dress up your home and office by organizing unsightly cords and provides more space. This kit comes with 10 cable management channels, 19 different connecting pieces, 20 anchor sets, and one self-adhesive kit. The total length of the cable cover is 157 inches.

Delamu’s kit is simple and easy to install, and you can use the anchors or adhesive tape depending on your needs. Every piece is cuttable and paintable, allowing you to customize it to the right length and color for your room.

A+ Electric Cord Cover

Best Cable Concealer Kit

A+ Electric designed an excellent cord organizer for your apartment or temporary office. It comes in three sizes — 50 by 12, 70 by 20, and 90 by 20mm lengths. It also comes in three wood coatings — walnut, beech, and oak, — and paintable colors white and gray.

Use these cord concealers to keep cables away from children and pets and clean up your floor and behind your appliances. This 24-piece set has everything you need to organize your cords. The included self-adhesive tape is strong enough to keep the channels along the walls or ceiling and out of your way.

EVEO Cable Concealer on Wall Raceway

Best Value Concealer

The EVEO cable concealer set is the best value kit you will find on the market today. It fits all possible cables, comes with strong adhesive tape, has PVC elbows that will fit around every corner, and includes nine 16-inch cable raceways that you can cut down to size or paint to fit your needs.

EVEO promises fast installation. In just 15 minutes, your living room or home office will keep loose cords away from children and pets. The slim and sleek design will blend into any room of your house.

Whether you have too many cables behind your desk or a puppy who enjoys chewing on loose things on the wall or need a customizable kit that will fit your office design, we have the cable concealer product for you.