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The best clamp meters for accurate electrical readings

A multimeter measures voltage, but a clamp meter helps you take current measurements quickly and efficiently while out in the field. They’re easy to use, but you’ll need one that shows fast, accurate readings. The clamp meters here are our best options for your noncontact electrical measurements.

Clamp meters rely on magnetic induction to take their readings. They allow you to analyze the current on live conductors but don’t interrupt the circuit. You need one that offers reliable service and won’t fail you on the job. These options from our list are just what you’re looking for.

AstroAI Digital Clamp Meter

Best Features

This digital clamp meter offers a lot in a small package. It features an easy-to-read digital face with a sampling speed of two times per second. Auto-off conserves battery, and the data hold feature keeps your readings exactly where you need them. It has clear notifications such as battery status, and the bright red clamps are straightforward to place.

Etekcity Digital Multimeter Amp Volt Clamp Meter

Best Accuracy

This digital option has an easy-to-read face and a wide clamp designed for commercial use. It features a data hold option, and sleep mode helps conserve the battery. It comes with a carrying pouch and offers Ohm, continuity, diode, and resistance tests. It's fast and accurate, no matter what your job is.

Meterk Digital Clamp Meter

Best Value

For fast, efficient readings, this functional clamp meter is simple to use. It offers noncontact detection, and the high-resolution LCD ensures you have no trouble seeing the results. It's multifunctional and designed for ease of use. It comes with a small carry case, and the bright clamps help ensure correct positioning. Plus, the flashlight and low battery display are convenient.

Noncontact detection is possible with the right digital clamp-on meter. Each one of these options offers multifunction capability with easy to read screens and fun extra features. They’ll take accurate readings and store away until next use. Each one is reliable and easy to use, giving you exactly the right tool for your electrical testing. Let the current flow!