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The best drywall wall anchors for your hanging needs

Aside from saving you from the hazard of damaging your drywall, drywall anchors offer you flexibility when displaying your piece. You can move and change positions of your family photos, artwork or fancy mirrors if you so desire without the holes in your drywall. With drywall anchors you can also hang your kitchen or bathroom shelves, television mount, light fittings, a smoke alarm or a pot rack on your wall; it’s the most effective solution for hanging just about anything to drywall.

Drywall anchors are ideal alternatives for walls that do not have studs as they provide needed support for your pieces to hang from. It is important that you have quality drywall anchors available in your toolbox to keep your art hanging safe on your wall, especially when you receive/buy one at an impromptu time.

TOGGLER Drywall Anchor

Easiest to Install

This anchor set is designed for light, medium and heavy-duty applications. It features durable injection-molded nylon anchors, polypropylene anchors and corrosion-resistant zinc alloy anchors capable of securing your hanging pieces.

Qualihome Drywall Anchors

Best Value Pack

This meticulously crafted piece from premium quality plastic material is built to last on your wall. The durable plastic material ensures that these anchors will last for years. With these drywall anchors, you will have your pictures, electric appliances or frames hanging safely on your wall in no time.

Leanking Drywall Anchors

Best Assorted

Made from plastic, these drywall anchors and stainless screws are designed for longevity and increased holding power. They fasten well on concrete or plaster walls for hanging decorative items, window blinds, fancy mirrors or shelves.

Drywall anchors not only provide a solution to your wall hanging needs, but they come with stability and security as well!