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The best magnetic stud finders to help in-wall mounting jobs

Our list contains three stud finders that have robust metal seeking magnets able to penetrate drywall and other wall surfaces revealing the studs that lie within these walls. Pick your finder based on your need for ease of use, the inclusion of meter levels or the inclusion of audible and visual stud finding cues.

Finding the right stud finder largely depends on your wall type and the ease with which you expect to locate metal in your wall. Some magnetic ball stud finders contain stronger magnets and clicking features that allow easier location of metal, while others include meters and grips to facilitate easier shelving.

CH Hanson Magnetic Stud Finder

Best Magnetic Stud Finder

The CH Hanson is a neat and portable stud finder that easily fits into your pocket when you’re working on projects. The device has powerful magnets made to detect screws or studs through a variety of materials up to 1 inch deep and also has two meter levels, which allow for stable hands-free use in installing shelves or adding screws.

The StudBuddy Magnetic Stud Finder

Best Simple Stud Finder

The StudBuddy was made with simplicity in mind. Its compact and simple design house strong magnets designed to find nails and screws in studs on all drywall applications, easily allowing you to locate studs when you’re hanging that new TV or your uncle’s favorite moose head.

Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder

Easy and Fun to Use

The Studpop has an interesting and fun feature: It clicks and moves once it has located a stud within your wall. This makes your search for studs entertaining and accurate. The Studpop works for studs 0.5 inches deep and works with plaster, wood lathes, sheetrock, and metal studs.

You won’t believe the noticeable difference an accurate stud finder can make in your next wall hanging project. It’s essential to locate wall beams to ensure robust hanging and minimize unnecessary holes in your walls. Our list has some great options to help you get started on your next project.