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The best mop for hardwood floors

When looking for a mop, it's best to get the right kind for your flooring. The Bona Ultimate Hardwood Floor Care Kit is our top pick because it comes with everything you need to preserve your hardwood floors. Be sure to continue reading to see our complete list of all our favorite hardwood floor mops that you can buy today.

Bona Ultimate Hardwood Floor Care Kit

Best Overall

This kit from Bona has all the solutions and tools needed for efficient mopping. It comes with containers filled with floor cleaner as well as different cleaning pads for your mop. The cleaning pads make use of a high-quality microfiber that's great for picking up dust, debris, and even those pesky pet hairs. Also, you can easily reach tough spots using the mop because it can be swiveled around.

Why we love it:
– Mop effectively removes any particles and moisture
– Scent is made without any stingy fragrances
– Comes with a refill bottle that contains more floor cleaner

Beyoco Microfiber Spray Mop

Best Value

This affordable and flexible mop will help you get rid of dirt in every corner of your home. Its unique design eliminates the need for a mop bucket in many cases since it already comes with a built-in refillable bottle that sprays the liquid you put into it. To release the cleaning solution in the bottle, simply press the trigger on the mop.

Why we love it:
– You can add your preferred cleaning solution to the container
– Head of the mop can rotate 360 degrees
– Mop can also be used to clean window glass

EXEGO Microfiber Spray Mop for Floors

Best Eco-Friendly

With EXEGO's mop, you can thoroughly clean your surfaces without exerting much effort. It has a wide mop head that can sweep through bigger areas. On top of that, it includes a refillable compartment that you can use to spray your favorite cleaning solution. It even comes with two microfiber mop pads that can be used on wet surfaces and a chenille mop pad you can use to pick up dust. With these reusable pads, you can also cut down on waste accumulated by your typical disposable pads.

Why we love it:
– Includes two types of cleaning pads that are great for thorough cleaning
– Built-in sprayer disperses water evenly
– Attached container is big enough to contain a lot of liquid

Turbo Microfiber Mop

Best Wet & Dry Mop

If you need something you can use to wipe and clean your floor regularly — whether wet or dry — then this mop is perfect for you. No matter which mopping method you choose, the different pads work well enough to properly clean your floors and remove any dirt or debris. Also, it's lightweight and you may not need to exert much effort when using it thanks to the swiveling head. All the mop heads that come with this item are also washable, so there's no need to get disposable variants.

Why we love it:
– Head can be rotated 360 degrees for streamlined cleaning
– Perfect for many kinds of floors
– Collapsible so that it's easier to store

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