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The best outlet extenders for more electrical sockets

It can be a hassle when you have five plugs and two outlets to work with. Everyone knows about the struggle of not having enough places to plug in your chargers, tools, and lighting. One affordable, safe, and quick way to solve that headache is with an outlet extender. Wall outlet extenders easily plug into your existing wall outlet and provide you with three or more outlets. These great tools are affordable, easy to use, lightweight, easy to store, and convenient.

Whether you need to hook up multiple items to the same outlet or just have a lot of power tools to plug in for a project, an outlet extender will be your best friend for the job. They are great for the office, a workshop, and so much more. Check out a few of the top outlet extenders to make your next project or office setup a breeze.

Belkin BST300 3-Outlet USB Surge Protector w/Rotating Plug

Best Outlet Extender :

The Belkin BST300 3-Outlet USB Surge Protector w/Rotating Plug is all about convenience, safety, and ease of use. This product is perfect for extending the power of any wall outlet. The sleek, straight design will fit perfectly into any wall without causing an eyesore. It comes with three outlets and two USB ports for maximum charging and powering ability. This outlet extender has a surge protector, which makes it super safe to use and leave plugged in year round. The surge protector feature ensures that all of your electronic products and items are always safe from unexpected surges.

ECHOGEAR On-Wall Surge Protector With Pivoting AC Outlets

Best Pivoting Extender :

The ECHOGEAR On-Wall Surge Protector With Pivoting AC Outlets is designed to provide all of your products with power. This product features unique swiveling outlets that allow you to get the best angle for plugging in your favorite products. It has six pivoting outlets to ensure that you never run out of space for charging. This product comes in an all-white design for a sleek and low-key look. It is perfect for use in the office, in a workshop, or just around the house. The built-in surge protector ensures that your products will never be damaged from random and unexpected power surges.

GE 6 Outlet Wall Plug Adapter Power Strip

Best Basic Extender :

The GE 6 Outlet Wall Plug Adapter Power Strip is all about simplicity. This product does not need to be fancy to be efficient. This outlet extender easily plugs into any wall outlet and provides you with six outlets. It is available in the three neutral colors white, gray, and black to provide any buyer with the perfect design for any space. These power strip extenders are all about blending in and being convenient. This product is designed to save space while providing you with all of the plug-in power you need for any space.

Outlet extenders are designed to make your life easier. As time goes on, the world becomes more and more electronic. Because of this, everyone utilizes outlets. They are by far something that every office and workshop needs to be successful. To make any outlet more efficient and effective, you need an outlet extender.