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The best paintbrushes for your home improvement business

You need a different brush for painting walls than the one you use for painting trims. A paintbrush set is any home improvement pro’s best tool besides their diligent hands and artistic eye. To help you find the right brush for your next project, we’ve gone ahead and revealed our favorite brands here.

A traditional paintbrush set will come with different size, shape, and angle brushes you can use for a wide range of applications from wood trims, to furniture, to painting the tricky space between the wall and crown molding. Chalk paintbrushes, on the other hand, have round heads with thick bristles that can withstand viscous chalk paint.

Another common brush is the paint roller brush, which most contractors will have in their trunk at all times. Made of foam and attached to a long handle, these brushes are useful for large surfaces like walls and exterior siding. Now, let’s look over our top picks.

Wooster Brush Shortcut Angle Sash Paintbrush

Best Paintbrush Overall

The single angle brush from Wooster is best used for precise applications and finishing touches. This means streak-free trim painting, intricate paint details, and small wooden furniture. A short, grippy handle gives you greater control over each stroke while the nylon and polyester bristles let you apply any type of paint with this brush. Its ferrule is made of brass-plated steel for durability and paint buildup resistance.

Bates Paint Roller Paint Tray Roller Paint Brush

Best Roller Paint Brush

The Bates Choice brush is your best bet if you specifically need a roller type set with bonus parts including a paint tray, roller covers, an angle brush, and a foam brush. Avoid ruined, caked-on roller brushes with this easy-to-clean set no matter what paint you’re using. Thick, artificial filaments load up the brush with more paint than your average model, reducing the need for extra coats.

Pro Grade Paint Brush Set

Most Versatile Brushes

The Pro Grade versatile brush set is best if you work with general home improvement projects. This set includes a 1-inch flat brush, a 1 ½-inch angle brush, a 2-inch angle brush, a 2-inch flat brush, and a 2 ½-inch angle brush you can use for finishing trims, outdoor surfaces, and indoor furniture. The solid round tapered (SRT) brushes produce flawless strokes and eliminate undesirable streaks.

A paintbrush makes your work as a home improvement pro quick and easy. With the right type, angle, and size, a paintbrush transforms a wall into a colorful backdrop for your client’s daily life. Between the roller brush, angle brush, and flat brush, you’re covered for any type of paint job in the home improvement business whether it’s furniture painting or trim finishing. Luckily, we cover all types of brushes on our list here.