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The best steel rulers when you need a durable and reliable measuring tool

A metal ruler can be the perfect gift for your budding young architect or science major in the family. Although a steel ruler would not be recommended to younger children, older children who are in high school or entering college would appreciate having a reliable ruler to bring to classes. It is a thoughtful and useful present that they will be using over and over again. They will thank you for such a considerate present.

If you are a professional, having a steel ruler can make it easier to get your job done. Because it is sturdy, it can be put into any bag without worrying about wood snapping or plastic shattering. It is hardy and can withstand not only force but other elements like heat or pressure. Steel rulers are also durable and can be handled around a construction spot, or it can be a reliable desk buddy to use on projects.

Mr. Pen Steel Rulers

Best Overall

The Mr. Pen Steel Rulers are the most solid, reliable, and durable steel rulers that you will find on the market. The set includes four sizes ranging from 6 inches to 14 inches. The high-impact steel is etched with inch and centimeter increments, down to 1/64th of an inch and 1/20th of a centimeter. The etched markings will not fade easily, so you can be sure you are always getting accurate measurements. Due to its sturdy build, it resists dents and warping, so you can keep making straight edges reliably.

eBoot Stainless Steel Ruler

Best with Conversions

Sometimes, you need to convert your measurements to make your sketches and mock-ups make sense. The eBoot Stainless Steel Ruler has got you covered by including an easy-to-read conversion table on the back. You can quickly reference it to get your measured conversions right. Have this handy when you are drawing something out or if you need a quick chart while doing some math. Accuracy has never been so convenient.

Gimars Stainless Steel Metal Ruler

Best Nonslip

You cannot have your rulers slipping and sliding all over the paper or walls, but you also need to get a close measurement whenever you can. That is why the Gimars Stainless Steel Metal Ruler is designed to be nonslip without using crumbly cork or sticky rubber. The stainless steel provides a weight to this ruler so that it is naturally a nonslip design. The inked numbers are clear to read against any surface. The edges even reach to the corners of rooms to get the most accurate measurements around your home.

When counting down to a centimeter, you want to make sure that your measuring tool is reliable and accurate. With the construction of steel rulers, you know that you will be getting the right measurement each time. The etched letters and durable steel builds make these a long-lasting tool that you will have handy no matter what.

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