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5 products that can boost sleep and improve your workday

Nothing could be more discouraging than waking up on a workday, feeling groggy and sleep-deprived. A bad night’s sleep reduces overall alertness, and, consequently, effectiveness and productivity at work. An inspiring and gratifying day at the office, then, has to begin with a restful night of sleep that leaves you eager and equipped to face the day’s challenges.

If fitful sleep is a recurring problem, it may be time to put some thought into turning your sleeping set-up from sub-par to optimal. Below, we’ve selected 5 items that may enhance your current bed and mattress scheme, and, ultimately, result in a more comfortable and serene night’s sleep.

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More sleeping hours and better quality sleep are essential for overall health, and research has shown that Americans are becoming increasingly more sleep-deprived. We spend, by some estimates, more than 25 years of our lives in bed, yet we put more effort into diet and exercise than we do towards making sure we get enough rest.

The products listed above are simple, low-cost ways in which small changes to a bedroom setup can potentially transform a restless night into a tranquil experience—and ultimately yield a more satisfying day at the office.

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