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Best cheap safe deals for February 2021

Having your own safe protects your valuables and your peace of mind. From family heirlooms to important documents, every home should have a way to secure precious items. We’ve explored the vast sea of safe deals online to help you find something you can use as a jewelry organizer, or to keep important files and family treasures secured. Not sure how to choose a safe or strongbox? In addition to our compilation of safe deals are some tips as well, so make sure to read until the end of this article.

Today’s best cheap safe deals

Aside from keeping money and documents safe with a PIN code, this metal safe is also fire-proof. Your valuables will still be intact no matter what happens. more
With its big storage space, you can store all your valuables inside this Tigerking fafe. It also has a dual-warning system that triggers when you entered the wrong combination three times. more
From one of the world's most trusted security companies comes this large steel security safe. It has a programmable digital lock with emergency override keys and a 2.81 cubic feet of storage. more
This Tigerking safe has spacious storage with a removable shelf for even better organization. The safe also features a dual alarm system for your own convenience. more
The programmable keypad of the Honeywell 5005 Small Digital Steel Security Safe allows easy access to your items. It even has two steel live-locking bolts and hidden hinges for extra security. more
Here's a safe you can carry around. It can keep valuables like phones, IDs, and a small camera safe. You just need to set a four-digit code to lock and open it. more
Keep your valuables safe and secure in this Paragon digital safe. It needs a secret PIN to open and the hinges are tamper-proof. It also has a lot of space for various documents. more
Made of 12-gauge steel sheet, the Barska Compact Keypad Safe also has two steel locking bolts to help keep your valuables safe against theft. It comes with two keys, a floor mat, and a mounting kit. more
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Built with 6 live-locking bolts and a dual alarm system, no one can forcefully open this Tigerking safe. Only those who know the code to the digital lock can access the contents of this safe. more

How to choose a safe

When it comes to safes, there are a lot of things to look at before you can determine the best one for your needs. But don’t worry. This short guide could help you in choosing the best home safe, or even the best one for office use. There are two main questions that you should ask yourself. What are the items that you intend to keep safe? And from what are you trying to protect it? Let’s get down to the specifics.

Inside the box

First, consider the contents of the safe. What are you going to put inside the safe? Precious diamonds? Stacks of cash? Confidential files? Heirloom? Once you know the answer, it is easier to identify what size of safe do you need, as well as the type of security features that it should have. There are also safes tailor-made for specific items, such as guns and tiny objects.

Fireproofing, waterproofing, and burglar proofing

Now, let’s talk about the second question you’ll need to answer. And to do that, here’s one of the most-searched terms by consumers: “What is the best fireproof safe for home use?”  According to Underwriters Laboratories, a fire-resistant safe can withstand a 1,700°F external temperature in an hour, while still protecting the contents of the safe.

Waterproofing or the water-resistance is also one of the concerns of most buyers looking for safe deals. After all, nobody wants their precious belongings to go swimming in flood in the event of a hurricane. Fortunately, most manufacturers and sellers indicate how deep and how long a safe can last in the water, so this one is easy to determine.

It’s also essential to know the security features of a safe against any attempt of theft. Because, correct me if I’m wrong but, this is the primary reason why you’re buying a safe. Keep an eye out for those with strong steel construction that could withstand attacks from tools like cordless drills and sledgehammers like it is nothing. Also, some safes come with a bolt-down kit or ones that you can hang and hide in a wall, or on a concrete floor. Those are some of the few options you could look into.