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5 products to help employees through cold and flu season

Because of the pandemic, many of us have paid much more attention to our health and wellness. Coming to work with the sniffles or a cough is frowned upon these days.

Even before COVID, the winter months were prime time for illness because of cold and flu season. Though you can’t control every instance of sickness, you want your employees to be safe and well. Equipping your office with a few products can help keep the place — including the air — clean and employees healthy and comfortable.

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These five products will help you and your staff stay well during cold and flu season.

Call-outs were common during cold and flu season, even before the pandemic. These days, we’re even more cognizant of our health, wellness, and need for workplace safety. Having products on hand, such as humidifier and HEPA filter replacements, will make the indoor air more comfortable and cleaner. A UV light sanitizer box keeps items clean, and plenty of tea can help employees boost immune health. Though these products can help, they’re not going to prevent every instance of sickness. Encouraging employees to stay home when they are sick and offering paid time off or flexible arrangements, such as the ability to work from home, can prevent the spread of illness in the office.

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5 varieties of vacuum filter for a cleaner workspace
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If you’ve got a solid vacuuming program in place, congratulations: you’re already living or working in a more breathable environment. Still, pushing a vacuum around won’t do the trick unless all component parts are regularly refreshed, including filters. Modern vacuums not only suctions particulate matter but, with the help of internal filters, catch environmental dust. Considering the stuff it’s exposed to on a regular run, your vacuum filter likely needs changing more than you realize. Here are five varieties of vacuum filters to keep your vacuum operation in tip-top shape.

Replacing the vacuum bag is step one, but a fresh filter is essential if you want your vacuum to help purify the air. Replacing your air filter is also an essential safety measure: a dirty filter can overheat and cause troubles with your vacuum’s motor. Whatever model you're working with, value packs like these help you keep a supply of the right filters on hand; your floor, and air, will remain cleaner in the long run and your staff or family breathing easier.

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5 Products For an Employee Who Could Use a Little Self-Care
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Life happens. As a business owner, you may learn of an employee who had a death in the family or is caring for a chronically ill loved one. Perhaps someone in the office has been burning the midnight oil, and it’s starting to show in their face and even mood.
You may want to remind them of the importance of self-care. Actions can speak louder than words, though. Putting together a self-care basket with products can be a sweet way to show you know they have a ton on their plates and want them to be kind to themselves. These items make the perfect addition to office self-care kits.

Employees go through highs and lows at work and in their personal lives. It is essential to support them through that and see them as people, not simply staff. When employees feel cared about, they are more looking to stay through tough times. Providing self-care baskets with face masks, bath bombs, and foot-pampering products can be a way to show you support them. As nice as these baskets and products are, it’s also essential to treat people with respect and be mindful of their time. Avoid off-hours texts and emails for non-emergencies, and encourage people to use their paid time off if it’s available to them.

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5 Products to Keep Your Office Kitchen Organized
upgrade office kitchen

A small kitchen or kitchenette can make an office space feel homier. People can gather in the area to brew morning coffee or eat lunch together and chat, bolstering the company culture. These conversations can inspire new ideas that can be presented at future meetings and implemented, helping your business grow.
Some free food, like fruit or snacks, can help people beat back the 3 p.m. slump. A kitchenette also makes it easy for employees to brown bag it for their health or finances.
You want the area to remain clean and organized, though. Old food, crumbs, and missing coffee pods take away from the home-away-from-home vibe you were going for when you set it up. These genius products for office kitchens streamline the space.

An office kitchen is more than a place for food preparation and storage or making a morning cup of java. Employees can celebrate birthdays or gather for impromptu working lunches there. They can get to know one another better during these moments, increasing chemistry and satisfaction. Sometimes, the best ideas come when you least expect them — like during lunch. Make the space inviting by keeping it organized and clean. Invest in refrigerator organizers and storage bins for food and coffee. These products prevent items from going bad and make it a cinch for employees to find what they need when they need it. A farmhouse soap dispenser is equal parts functional and fashionable. You want the office kitchen to feel cozy and clean. A little effort goes a long way.

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