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Pasties professional performers can’t live without

If your career revolves around performance, chances are your wardrobe is chock full of costumes, outfits, and separates for your productions. Whether you’re a musician who delights in frequent costume changes, a professional cosplayer, or interactive entertainment hired for parties, you need reliable undergarments for your wide-ranging ensembles.

That’s where nipple covers, also known as pasties or breast petals, come into play. For every style that doesn’t work with a bra — and you’d be surprised just how many don’t — you’ll need something to keep you secure in its place. These pasties are ideal for professionals who perform regularly, as well as anyone who simply wants to wear a backless dress or go braless for a day.

Gone are the days of sticky bras and unflattering, thick cutlet inserts. With barely-there yet still supportive breast petals like the ones mentioned above, entertainers can slip into the next ensemble without a second thought. You can move and sweat without worry, leaving you free to create your art or put on a show with complete confidence.

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