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5 must-have items for nursing homes and assisted living facilities

If you work for a nursing home or an assisted living facility, your job requires taking excellent care of our elderly and loved ones. Not only are you providing the utmost care and attention, but you are purchasing and having quality items on-hand that aid in their daily routines. Whether it’s providing a great night’s sleep and keeping mattresses free from potential accidents to improving blood circulation and stiffness, it is vital to have products that work. Below are five must-have items every nursing home and assisted living facility should have.

These items will make perfect additions to any nursing home or assisted living facility. Find highly absorbent and reusable bed pads that will offer the highest quality sleep while keeping mattresses dry and clean. Have clothes remain crisp and clean with bibs that are waterproof, stain-resistant, and machine washable. Improve circulation and improve sleep with wedge cushions made from premium memory foam. Keep carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and discomfort away with hand and wrist wraps that offer hot and cold therapy and use massage rollers to keep muscles from getting stiff. Our elderly deserve the best, and facilities should offer the best for our loved ones.

5 must-have instruments to inspire creativity in the office
Creativity and innovation phrase on paper

If you're in need of some inspiration in the office, try learning new instruments and keeping them around. While much left-brained activity happens over the course of a work day, having the option to include right-brained activities can stimulate new ideas and bring more fun to daily tasks. By trying right-brained activities such as playing instruments, you can increase creativity and productivity in the office.


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5 essentials every working pet parent needs
office pet friendly dog

One of the best feelings in the world for a pet parent is to come home from a hard day’s work to their happy-go-lucky best friend. It’s even better if you get to work from home with your pet or bring them to work with you.

Although pets bring their parents plenty of joy, they can also be a bit of a nuisance. Some pets shed, some have accidents from time to time, and some are not fully trained in obedience and manners. For someone that works full-time, this can become a hassle to deal with in their limited free time each day. Luckily, the five essentials listed below are able to solve a lot of the issues that pet parents face.

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Stay healthy with these 5 items while traveling for business
the best laptop stands for bed stand

Business travel is back and that means more nights spent on the road and in different hotels. Many business travelers focus on finding hotels with gyms or nice restaurants to ensure they are comfortable when they travel, but what about bedding? It's not always convenient to bring your favorite pillow on the road when you travel, but it can be pretty simple to bring protective covers for your bedding to ensure that you're not sleeping on something that isn't hygienic or sanitary!

If you've ever been concerned about the cleanliness of hotel bedding or simply prefer to know exactly what you're sleeping on, there are many options out there that will help you get a peaceful night's sleep. Here are five products that you may want to consider bringing with you on your next business trip.

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