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Make your next company event an outdoor movie party

When it comes to throwing an outdoor movie party for your company, having the right items can make hosting an event effortless. Aside from setting up seats and putting together a snack bar, ensuring that the movie screen is successful means knowing which purchases are important. Your next company event can go seamlessly as long as you have a few key items on hand.

Any outdoor movie needs a projector, some lighting, and speakers. Once you have these items, you can build around your event and transport your employees or coworkers to the movies. 

Make sure your next company event is a hit by having the right equipment on hand. With some careful planning, you can make movie night for coworkers and employees to remember and cherish for a long time. 

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These products can help anyone planning an outdoor experience, where even setting up the tents can be a team-building exercise. Keeping everyone comfortable with an air mattress and a good blanket and pillow can make a difference in everyone's attitude, and other small luxuries can drive that momentum throughout the retreat.

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On-the-job training is a form of workplace learning and development that involves an instructor or tutor providing guidance while an employee performs their job. In most cases, the employee will perform tasks in addition to what they are typically assigned. The goal is for them to learn how do those tasks and grow as a worker.

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Political conventions, company retreats, business and industry conferences, and alumni reunions all need people behind the scenes ensuring that the venue’s the right size, the food is appropriate, the sound system works and the visitors have what they need, as well as a myriad other details unique to the event.

Event planning is a broad category that spans from putting an entire convention to coordinating weddings and private celebrations. The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Statistics expects the field to grow by 8 percent, much higher than average, by the end of the decade. While the median salary is $51,560, the range is from $74,770 in the New York metropolitan area to between $27,590 and $46,030 in the lower-paying areas. Most jobs are in in and around cities, but resort areas like Montana and Wyoming (Yellowstone), as well as Hawaii and Arizona also have their share.

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